Two-engine option for latest Kramer Loader

Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland

First seen at the Balmoral show, Kramer has released further details of its most recent model, the KT 144, which comes with a choice of engine.

The latest machine is described as an ultra-compact telescopic handler with a height of less than 2m and a width of 1.6m.

Stacking to 4.5m​

The KT144 is the smallest model in the Kramer telehandler range. However, the pallet fork offers a stacking payload of 1450kg and a lift height of around 4.5m.

Entry height to the cab is just 40cm and the overall weight of the machine is 3,000kg which, the company suggests, offers good stability when combined with a rigid frame and four-wheel steering.

Plain engine meets Stage V with no treatment​

The new model is available with two engines. The basic unit is a 25hp Yanmar engine which complies with the exhaust emission Stage V, without further emission treatment.

Due to it not needing an expensive exhaust treatment system it is, according to Kramer, “an affordable entry-level option for most applications” with a 36L/minute hydraulic pump feeding the loader.

Should more power be required, a Yanmar engine with an extra 20hp is available as an option.

Kramer kt144
Seen at Balmoral for the first the KT144 has a handy payload for its size

This model has an exhaust after-treatment system using a combination of a catalytic converter and particulate filter.

Along with the power boost comes a bigger hydraulic pump providing a maximum of 42L/minute as standard.

Generous hydraulics​

Should faster load cycles and better vehicle performance be desired, then a 70L/min pump can be specified, along with a 30km/h transmission on models with the larger engine.

Kramer’s own quickhitch system with mechanical locking is fitted as standard, with hydraulic locking available as an option, as are various other common quickhitch systems.

For the operation of attachments with additional hydraulic functions, such as a silage bucket, the third control-circuit is factory fitted.

In cab controls​

Kramer’s usual operating concept, with divided function groups and colour-coded switches, is a feature of the KT144, as is the joystick with travel direction, telescopic extension arm and optional operation of the third control circuit.

The KT144 also comes with an electronic parking brake with hill-hold function as standard. This works by automatically engaging the parking brake when it stops, just needing a touch of the drive pedal to disengage it again.

All-wheel steering means that both front wheel and crab steering may be selected. The machine can be fitted with low-speed control and hand throttle, as well as up to four different operating modes.

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