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Should the UK general public support farmers OR pay actual true cost of food production?

  1. Yes they should continue to support their own farmers

  2. No we should import food from other countries who support their farmers

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  1. Whether farm support is a good compromise for both the farmer and public comes down to what alternative is there for producing good quality traceable food and maintaining a sensible level of domestic production which does not expose the UK to exploitation by other countries in times of shortage/trade wars/disease out breaks/war?? would the public be better just paying the true cost of production?? (including all currently unpaid family labour hours on many uk farms at correct pay plus overtime) This would inevitably lead to cheaper imports from other countries who support their own farmers and have poorer welfare/big scale

    given that the sub comes from the general publics tax and that the richest and huge companies pay almost all of the tax in the UK are poorer people actually benefitting the most from a vast supply of cheap locally produced food and a much reduced weekly shopping bill?
  2. digger64

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    Dont you have vat in scotland ?
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  3. Who says food production would stop here if subs stopped anyway. Plenty are already farming without them and i bet a lot of others will find a way when (if) they have to. I bet you will be one of them too boss when/if it comes to it (y)
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  4. John100

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    Majority are too small to be viable, they may be efficient with good profit margins, but they have no scale to produce an income/wage
  5. exmoor dave

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    exmoor, uk

    Exactly, food is going to be produced one way or another in the UK as it is now,

    How many farmers actually doing the production might change significantly, use of technology will change significantly,
    What the immediate fallout of no-more-subs would be no one really knows,

    Whether we agree/support/welcome/fight against/ deplore/ whine/moan against all that is the argument.

    I do find the argument against importing food abit strange....when we expect to export to other countries, for example we get the collective groan about nz lamb (yeah it annoys me too a little to see tesco shelves full of it during peak uk lamb season).... then we go off and export a load of lamb to France..... bet the French sheep farmers are happy as dave in a cake shop about that :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Anyway....anyway..... it must be a extra serious thread...... there's capital letters and explanation marks in the title :rolleyes:
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    it more complicated than sub's or no sub's, for instance if you take away the sub's do you remove all the animal welfare and environmental rules, or do you make it that any food imported must meet the same rules, what about sub's for environmental reasons, what if the government force land that in grass production into wetland to stop flooding of towns sub's or no sub's ?.

    Personal i think Sub's had there place back in the 70's/80's but has been bad for farming since, But until all food production is off a equal footing, then UK farming need's some type of protection
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  7. John100

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    NZ imports next to nothing. But gets away with shovelling 80+% of its production onto the world market, they should be stopped and held to account
  8. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    mmmmm its world market though .
  9. exmoor dave

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    exmoor, uk
    held to account for being clever marketeers?

    Or held to account for being good at finding markets and exporting to them?

    Credit what credit is due

    Rather than wasting energy moaning about them why don't we become better marketeers?
  10. John100

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    It should be trade both ways, you can't export, go on about free world trade and then shield your own country from them, wtf? They should open their borders right now or fkuk off
  11. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    If they dont need anything they cant be forced into buying things ?Im sure if they needed something they would be buying it........on the world market ? Makes me laugh when they say sheep farming stuffed out the eu , the greatest sheep farmer in the world nz is not in the eu :ROFLMAO:
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    Owaka, New Zealand

    Are you sure about this?

    I think you would be surprised to learn that very few things used in NZ are actually made in NZ.

    You know: oil, food, vehicles, aeroplanes, electronics...

    You may want to do some better research on free trade agreements and how the world economy operates, because that post was as laughable as the OP (y)

    It could help the future of your business to open your eyes a little.
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    Aren't you on holiday?
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    Scottish Borders.
    Na im back.
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    I'm not answering such a loaded question!


  16. John100

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    I'm making it more laughable
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    Owaka, New Zealand

    Sorry, mate!


    I shot rum and coke out my nostrils, so it definitely worked the way you planned (y)
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