Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?




We have been using univoq and ok so far.
Have been filling sprayer over half full before mixing it in the tank and washing through with clean water when finished for the day.
Was advised to spray at 200l but stuck with our usual of 120l and touch wood!
More to do yet but showery.


Arable Farmer
Looks to me as that statement is the beginning of a blame deflection process. IE it was your fault for tank mixing, your fault for not using 200 litres ha and your fault for not washing out every hour. If you can prove you did none of the above then we may consider other reasons why its still your fault
Not sure they can do anything else or every sprayer in the country will be having main dealer full refurbs.
Some would be ordering a can of Univoq if there sprayer could do with some TLC.


Not sure they can do anything else or every sprayer in the country will be having main dealer full refurbs.
Some would be ordering a can of Univoq if there sprayer could do with some TLC.
I agree that some will try it on which is why evidence needs producing, if it's just a few drip valves that's not worth them fighting over but if its higher value then they will check and that's fine, they need to weigh the cost of paying for damage against the cost of lost future business.
A good few years ago a silage film manufacturer had a problem of tiny particles getting in the wrap which after application caused tiny holes leading to spoiled haylage, they got their insurance company to go round customers looking at it and paid out .
we did 2 days univoq

lechlar drip stop no sign of any issue

one o ring on the recirculation system did break up but we had 6 do the same last year with t2 spray

one of the reasons it could be variable damage with no pattern is that any rubber with some wear could let the solvent eat into it
so sprayer that use high abrasive wear products could be more susceptable

there are some products that wears diaphrams more than others taking the protective surface off
this allows the sovlent in

any one see this


I used univoq.
Over the course of a week on and off, washed through at the end of the day. 200l/ha.
I thought I'd got away with it as I had no drips, however on taking the chemsaver diaphragms out they're all disintegrating, either literally, or bubbling up in the process of, and all 48 rolled up on removal. That's never happened before. These were all changed this season so should have been good for this year at least.

Ordered replacements, they're made of viton, as are the Ramsay diaphragms (which I'm informed are also bubbling up), so perhaps these sprayers with mega issues are using more viton?

If corteva don't fix this, there won't be much of their product sold next year.

I'm keeping a record of the time spent fixing as well as the parts used.

What a cock up!


Arable Farmer
Univoq dead in the water in UK market? Expensive launch. Anyone on this forum likely to buy it in 2023?

Comes down to customer service. Example - I bought a car last wednesday. On Sunday, after a few miles, I got all kinds of warning lights on. Took it back on Monday and asked for my money back. The company selling it didnt even quibble and sorted a refund straight away. The salesman was disappointed but I maintained that, in a customer facing roll, it was better to get it sorted and have a happy customer and keep them as a future customer. Everyone gets problems, and its how these problems are resolved that determines the smiliness of folks faces.

In this case, if a problem is identified and rectified then Ill have no problems using it again. If it turns out to be a batch issue or whatever then fair play for finding it, and next step will be fixing any problems that it has caused.

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