Upcoming auction following sad death


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On October 2nd Thame Farmers will be holding the auction of the assets of a local lad who sadly died recently. Adrian ran a contracting business and his sale includes a number of classic tractors and equipment that may be of interest to regulars on this thread. The catalogue is here: https://www.thame-market.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Farm-Sale-Catalogue-07.10.21.pdf

The sale is at Bayford, near Hertford, Hertfordshire, around 20 miles north of Central London and mid way between the A1M and A10.

I may be able to help any TFF member who is interested in any lots by collecting and temporarily storing any purchased lots while transport is arranged if it helps as we are only 3 miles from the sale.


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Thats very nice of you ,the catalogue says its on the 7th, do you know the condition of any of the items?
My mistake, you're right, it's the 7th. I was thinking of something else when I typed that. :facepalm:

I haven't much direct experience of his kit having only really seen him on the road in recent years.

I would recommend anyone should view anything they are interested in. The fencing kit in particular will be well used but sound as he was well known and respected for fencing work.


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The auction was held today. Here are a few of the lots and what they made.

Lot 104. A rough International B275. Running. £2500
Lot 104.jpg

Lot 105. A tidy Standard Fordson Pertol/TVO on spade lugs. Made £600
Lot 105.jpg

Lot 107. A BTD8 crawler in good running order with linkage. £5700
Lot 107.jpg

Lot 109. An International 885. Running. £3300
Lot 109.jpg

Lot 110. An International 495. Running. £3500
Lot 110.jpg

Lot 111. A rough looking Ford 7840 Powershift. Ran ok. £7900
Lot 111.jpg

Lot 112. An International 674. Rough cab but ran ok. £1250
Lot 112.jpg


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Lot 113. An International 574 Hydro. Rough cab. Flat battery. £1150
Lot 113.jpg

Lot 114. An International B250. Seen better days but ran. £2500
Lot 114.jpg

Lot 198. A tidy Petrol/TVO Fergusson T20. £1000
Lot 198.jpg

Lot 199. A sound Ford 4000. Ran ok. £1800
Lot 199.jpg

Lot 200. A Ford7840 Powerstar SLE. Ran nicely. £13400
Lot 200.jpg

Lot 201. A New Holland TS115. Flat battery. £15000
Lot 201.jpg

Lot 226. A Househam 200l 24M sprayer. Ran ok. No NSTS stickers. £2550.
Lot 226.jpg

Lot 227. A knocked about Ford TW15. Ran ok. £8000
Lot 227.jpg

Lot 296. A Massey 290. Ran ok. £7500
Lot 296.jpg

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