Updated Blowfly Alert and the May Parasite Forecast

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The May Parasite Forecast includes seasonal disease advice

  • Chronic liver fluke infection
  • Sheep : Nematodirus, PGE, Coccidiosis and Blowfly strike
  • Cattle : PGE, Lungworm and flies and ticks

NADIS Parasite Forecast webinar: May 2020

• Chronic liver fluke infection
• Sheep
• Nematodirus forecast
• Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE)
• Coccidiosis • Blowfly strike
• Cattle:
• Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE)
• Lungworm
• Flies and ticks


Chronic liver fluke in both sheep and cattle • Possible in animals untreated since autumn • Bottle jaw, anaemia, weight loss • Information: abattoir returns, faecal egg count • If treating, avoid triclabendazole if possible


Sheep: Nematodirosis • Infections pass directly from one season’s lambs to the next • Eggs survive over winter and develop the following spring • Temperature dependent • Mass hatch on pastures can occur • Typically seen in 6-12 week old lambs • Sudden onset diarrhoea, anorexia, dehydration and death. Affected animals often have heavily soiled back ends • Nematodirus risk forecasts: • Based on weather • High risk in mid April to beginning of May in many areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Later in western Scotland • Check SCOPs and NADIS for up to date forecast local to your area



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