US Angus bull sold for $1.51 million at auction

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    A bull in the US was sold for a massive $1.51 million (£1.2 million) at auction in recent days.

    The bull in question – an Angus appropriately named SAV America 8018 – was sold to Herbster Angus for the record-breaking sum on Saturday last (February 9).

    “$1.51 million? I can’t even hardly say it,” the auctioneer quipped.

    The price was recorded at the Schaff Angus Valley 116th Production Sale, which had 400 bulls and 200 females on offer on the day.

    The auction was recorded by Western Ag Reporter’s Will Bollum, who claimed that the fee agreed is a new world record.

    $1.51 Million Dollar Bull!! NEW WORLD RECORD!

    SAV America 8018 sold to Herbster Angus. Congratulations to Schaff Angus Valley!#westernagwill #westernagreporter #angus #newworldrecord #savamerica #schaffangusvalley

    — Will Bollum (@WesternAgWill) February 9, 2019

    The record-breaking bull SAV America 8018, just over a year old, was sired by the breeder’s own animal SAV President 6847, from the dam SAV Madame Pride 0075.

    The bull was bred by Schaff Angus Valley, a herd run by Kelly and Martie Joe Schaff in North Dakota. The Schaffs claim to have one of the oldest ongoing Angus herds in North America, having been homesteaded in 1902 and registering as an Angus business in 1942.

    The bull’s new owner, Herbster Angus Farms, is run by Charles W. and Judy Herbster in Nebraska. The firm claims: “Our mission is to produce quality Angus seed stock that produce functional and profitable Angus progeny.”

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    I clicked through on the site link too

    No picture ! What's the point of an article like that without a picture !
  3. Global ovine

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    Central Otago NZ
    Bugger the picture, where's the performance data that supports this price?
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  4. JP1

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    At that money, I'd want both. With just figures, I'd want to see it wasn't a camel that could hardly walk .................
  5. A1an

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    Imagine being wanked off several times a day for the rest of your life to justify yourself
  6. Global ovine

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    Central Otago NZ
    Really......I have yet to see a bull that was bought for an above average price at any sale being a camel that could hardly walk...... So what would have been his point of difference that required at least the $US 1 M?
  7. JP1

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    Come over

    I can show you plenty of bulls overfed and without locomotion that make too much
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  8. Whitepeak

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    Buxton, Derbyshire
    Think I read on Twitter that he and his dam line had no figures or genomic tests done!
  9. Global ovine

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    Central Otago NZ

    Must be in a very different universe to down under.
    Record price paid recently in NZ for an Angus bull and was well above the levels usually achieved. He ranked well internationally and was far from being a camel or poor mover. Bred on steep hills and going to steeper hills that will be some of the most rugged in NZ.
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