Using more than 1 set of handler brackets on a bucket

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Flat 10, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    Anyone done it? Thinking you could do Sanderson and JCB fairly easily or does everyone just build an adaptor and be done with it. Thanks
  2. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    I've got extra bits welded on a coupto take job q fit and Euro 8 loader pins but other than that I do have an adapter plate made up so they can be swapped
  3. fermerboy

    fermerboy Member

    Have JCB tool carrier(narrow for a 526) and MF 50HX on the same bucket no issues.
    Also same JCB and 3 point linkage on a transport box/man cage.
    Also Trima loader and 50HX.on a muck fork.

    Not a lot of brackets that wouldn't get in the way of the other I would guess though
  4. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    Always thought manitou being narrow would work with anything wider although the wider set would need sitting further back and might upset geometry's of some things
  5. stick to one type here
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  6. Had a bucket that wore Euro brackets and Kramer brackets and you could still use both.
  7. defender

    defender Member

    Is it not easier to make one adaptor rather make alterations to all your attatchments
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  8. Frankzy

    Frankzy Member

    Jamtland, Sweden
    We have one with euro and big BM, it's easily done feels more robust than using adaptors.
  9. Jackov Altraids

    My headstock will fit Euro 8, quicke & Trima.

    Edit. It is a Quicke headstock with an adapter for Euro or Trima so I can use all 3.
  10. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    have done Jcb q fit and manitou before

    i will have a look on monday
  11. Hesstondriver

    Hesstondriver Member

    Euro just fit inside JCB . We have a silage squeeze we share with our neighbors. Cap get photo if needed
  12. njneer

    njneer Member

    Depends entirely on the combination of brackets .
    Some may be wider than others which allows fitmentt of one between the other but you must also be aware of the protrusion of them as the inners may protrude outwards towards the machine and foul on the face plate.
    Also do you have two dirrerent make of machines you wish to utilise both sets of attachments? If so is another set of brackets for every single attachment and the time to weld them on cheaper than two adapters, one for each machine.
    Will,you be likely to move from your current two brands of machine to a third in the future? . The adapters would be more practical, in this event, as it would not mean another revisit to every attachment to cut off and weld on a third style bracket merely a change of adaptor which, I am sure a shrewd customer could persuade a salesman to wangle into the deal and the old adapter will surely be a saleable item for someone in a similar situation somewhere.
    Only thing with adaptors is there is usually a manual locking system as the machines auto or hydraulic lock is used to fix the adapter but I am sure we are not beyond getting of the seat as often there are pipes to connect anyway.
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