1. evening all
    This probably isn't the right place to put the thread.
    I'm currently not VAT registered and I'm thinking about going registered, I've been self employed for about for the last 8 years or so. If I do go VAT registered will I have to back date all my invoices etc and put VAT on them? Then resend them out?
    I'm pretty sure you can claim back the last 4 years VAT on equipment bought and The last year on fuel.
    Any tips on what's the best way much appreciated
  2. multi power

    multi power Member

    No need to do anything with invoices, you just charge vat from the date you get registered
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  3. Paul E

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    Sunny Yorkshire
    Agree with that. I find HMRC quite good if you ask.
  4. you can only reclaim on goods and fuel you have in stock on your start date on pre dated invoices, if you have used or sold before the start date then you cannot claim vat back
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  5. Goweresque

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