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Good to see them still working .not many old ones left round hear.ours is one of the older ones but it's only 26 and has air con and electric controls so quite modern really.most smaller farms are getting a neighbour to cut or have a self drive hire from Colin martinson
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Lovely to see the 945 @davidroberts30 I imagine, under all the panal work, the main workings of my 1055 are basically the same. Apart from the header as I know that's a lot different View attachment 829497
The 1055 and its predesseor the 955 were 2 of the best combines jd made imho .we had a 1055 we ran alongside a massey 525 during the eighties the massey was the hare but just like the story the deere would catch up when the massey was down . Both were traded for a deere 1177 and it is a great regret that we never kept her . Good ones still make serious money that says it all .
The 1177 sucumbed to fire and due to a much reduced acreage was replaced by our current machine a massey 29xp which varies from fantastic to downright awful depending. Spare parts can be a problem as none breaking over here and uk breakers can be expensive when you add carriage .
I have just been drooling over photos of icanshootwells massey 855 and its another classic i wouldnt mind and now i must go and cut 12 acres of wheat i hope the 29 does not get jealous at me looking at her rivals and break down to put manners on me !!

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