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Arable Farmer

The new Virkar Dynamic D drill is here. After undergoing 2 years of field testing the drill is now ready to be rolled out.

When we brought the first Virkar drill into the country 15 months ago it was for the benefit of our farming company. The response we have got since then with the Virkar product range has been a great success.

Virkar them selves farm out in Spain and they really do listen to what the farmer wants and expects in a machine and this new Dynamic D is a result of that.

The Dynamic D carries many of the unique features across from the DC such as the modular frame design, steering rear axle, 35 cm of contour following per Coulter, on the move Coulter pressure control , and maintenance free Coulter's.

We really do look forward to getting the first one onto our farms and running.

At the end of the day our farm is where it all started for our journey into No Till and the success of the Virkar products are a result off the back of this.


Arable Farmer

The factory did look at being able to make the drill interchangable between the two Coulter's but after field trials they found that the disc units were compromised because of the there positioning, so they decided to position the disc Coulter's in different location to improve performance at the moment you can not change between the two Coulter's.

As you mentioned there are alot of different versions of direct disc drills available now and the preferred Coulter design is based around this sort of lay out,

it is what the manafacture does around this layout to enhanch the performance of the machine even more that counts

And having seen the design of this Coulter which includes the bits people can't really see unless you get up close to it ,such as the internals of the Coulter's the bearings and bushes and the maintenance free Coulter design, only then do you see just how different it is.

In some people's opinion they may just think it's another copy, but without the healthy competition amongst the direct drill manafactures that are always striving to improve there machines and out perform one and other, there would be no technological advances and our industry would stand still, and no one wants that

So the Virkar Dynamic D raises the bar even higher for direct disc drills which inturn will encourage the rest to improve further, which is beneficial to the farmer in this fast changing industry we are currently in

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