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Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by Philip Hedeng, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Philip Hedeng

    Philip Hedeng Member

    Halmstad, Sweden
    Hello fellow direct drillers. Always on the look, I came across this drill from a fresh Spanish business. See video below or their website. I’m fond of the concept of individual contour following on a tine drill and also with the pressurized turbo discs running up front to make a low disturbance job.
    Now, all videos I find are from drilling in bone dry conditions and with little amount of straw. Perhaps it won’t suit any other climate, but I can’t see this do worse than Seed Hawk, Dale or similar. And I kind of think it would cope better here than our current disc drill. OSR drilling especially.

    No idea of the build quality, company history or any references. Anyone know of them?
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  2. Mr Mole

    Mr Mole Member

    This looks quite useful,just not sure if it would be strong enough.
  3. Philip Hedeng

    Philip Hedeng Member

    Halmstad, Sweden
    I'm trying to work out what the French farmers say about how well it did from that video I posted. There is a topic about it on a forum here:

    It seems to have done a decent job from what I understand. There's some numbers as well, about the price of such a machine. Anyone better than me at French that can translate?
  4. Northdowns Martin

    Snodland kent
    Any updates on these drills? Read a comment there may be one about in UK this spring.
  5. Vitu

    Vitu Member

    We are currently negotiating with virkar on getting a machine to England for this spring to start field testing.
    It will be the dynamic version. We had information and pictures of these machines on the Kockerling stand at lamma show and had a good number of very interested farmers and contractors
    Keep looking here and on other social media for updates
  6. MX7

    MX7 Member

    Any updates available ,for those that are interested in how the drill has performed this spring?
  7. Clive

    Clive Staff Member


    There has been a machine running this spring by Samagri I believe
  8. topcat2006

    topcat2006 New Member

    I visited them in Barcelona in around 2014 just as they were starting out. At that time I sold them some control systems to go onto the drill - don’t know what they are using now.

    The drill itself was well built and built like it should last. I haven’t seen them since.
  9. Vitu

    Vitu Member

    7B633CA7-F5BA-456B-BE7A-C81AC109D88A.jpeg 4315B311-6C0B-43C8-8834-AE0B58170BB4.jpeg 229ED4F0-8B87-4F05-8BEA-7118C6BA7D8E.jpeg Virkar update
    Machine arrived last week of March. Since then it has drilled spring
    oats, and spring barley. This week it has been out drilling maize,
    and kale into knee high winter wheat. We are pleased with the
    results so far.
    Above spring oats drilled 28th March into ground that was shallow
    Cultivated in September. The surface was baked hard but like
    Putty 2cm down. This particular machine is on 25cm row spacing.
    The other option is to have 19cm row spacing
  10. Vitu

    Vitu Member

    F6E503BA-46BC-4250-AE22-267ACB986BA0.jpeg B2A6D581-1D39-41A1-98C8-13E5DE0F84B1.jpeg 24979DE3-C58F-4251-89D3-3F5DACB6CE90.jpeg These pictures are of spring barley sown 29th March.
    The field had been worked deep in October but it turned wet and didn’t
    Get drilled. The land had slumped and was very uneven so giving us
    A good opportunity to test out the contour following ability.
    The crows did their best to dig it all up some 90 odd shot in one day
    Mr packham was to late to save them.
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