Wagtail offers safe and versatile hose handling

Written by John Swire from Farm Business

Tramspread has designed and manufactured a new hose handler to help when spreading umbilically. The Tramspread ‘Wagtail’ Hose Humper pivots to both the left and right which enables more accurate hose placing outside tramlines which reduces pipe wear.

TRAMSPREAD Hose Handler (1) raised @300 “This is the first hose humper we have designed with the ability to pivot the wheel to either side of the tractor. This mechanism reduces damage to the crop when spreading because the operator does not have to leave the tramlines when moving the hose,” says Tramspread managing director Terry Baker.

The option to move hose to either side of the tractor also helps the operator to avoid obstacles more easily. “By having the flexibility to position hose on either side of the tractor it makes moving a hose around much quicker and easier,” he adds.

The hydraulic offset and raising the wheel into the transport position is controlled from the tractors spool valves. A breaking mechanism allows for the wheel to spin freely or be locked in position. “When the Wagtail is raised it also leaves the tractor pick up hitch available for other implements such as trailed hose reeler or pump trailer,” explains Mr Baker.

The Wagtail can be used to move hose widths up to 8 inches making it suitable for most slurry and digestate operations. “By choosing to use the Wagtail, operators can reduce stress on pipe and couplings. This will also reduce the risk of leaks and spills, making spreading safer, easier for the operator and better for the crop,” he concludes.

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