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In Northern Ireland the department of agriculture where the ones who made a pigs ear of it. Maybe their were external consultants involved. In effect you bid for the grant, you get points for taking a reduction in grant amount, if you are under 40 etc. The department receive the applications and decide how much money will be realised and that determines the points needed to qualify. Applications went in last December with notification only coming yesterday. Good luck in Wales.
The Farm Business Grant is designed to help farmers in Wales to improve the economic and environmental performance of their agricultural holdings, and provides a 40% contribution towards capital investments in equipment and machinery that have been pre-identified as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm enterprises.

£40 million funding will be available over 4 years. The minimum grant available is £3,000, and the maximum is £12,000. Only one application will be approved per business throughout the lifetime of the Scheme.

NOTE: There are LEADER grants of 80% in LAs so may make more sence to go for for this as 40% contribution is less than half so not a great investment.
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Consultants usually do best out of these schemes here.
huh? at 40% contribution not likely there is always someone who will help you fill out the forms and request for more into FOC. Its not roacket science any of these grant application but as you would expect many huff and huff and cant be bothered. 40% is ok but wouldn't entice me into venturing in any big purchases.

If Im reading this right then the grant would be on capital costs on a min of £7,800 to £ 31,200 or is the wording incorrect that its a £3000 min investment????
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Useful list of eligible purchases. As always though, watch those prices go up as soon as the grant is announced. And you still have to find the other 60%.... (n)


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And I dare say farmers sons will go out contracting with said machines.
Totally unfair to the 100% contractor who has no other income :(
Maybe, but I reckon contractors will lose more work because said farmers have bought their own machine rather than farmers sons going out contracting. What do you reckon?


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Maybe, but I reckon contractors will lose more work because said farmers have bought their own machine rather than farmers sons going out contracting. What do you reckon?
Yes there is that side of it keeping all jobs in house which I would do if I was farming myself


says a standard cost as you cant see the cost untill you apply, as if they all have had cheap quotes and you want a decent bit of kit you may only end up saving 20%, as looking at a cattle crush, all the best ones are powder coated and they say galvanised with a rotating rump bar!, but i want a squeeze crush so be more money and no mention on this, it s a very tight list on the specs and as said earlier, prices will go up so we'll loose out again !!

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