Wanted parts for a Ford 6700/7700

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by RScapriman, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. RScapriman

    RScapriman New Member

    Hi All, I am looking for a pair of genuine headlamps (I have the arms), a Radyot mirror (or just the head) to suit an early q cab and a pair of small extension plates that hold the oblong reflectors to the rear of the wings.
    many thanks Len.
  2. big ag

    big ag Member

    Raydyot mirror heads are on Ebay under David brown genuine mirror if they are the same as you need not the cheapest option though
  3. I think the front headlights are the same as the Tw / 79,8210 etc not available new anymore well the metal housings anyway, second hand ones are commanding up to £500 for a good pair.
    Keep an eye out on ebay, or try one of the ford groups on facebook.
  4. RScapriman

    RScapriman New Member

    Hi big ag, perfect this is exactly what I want other than a stamping in the mirror head it is identical many thanks.
    Regards Len.
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  5. RScapriman

    RScapriman New Member

    Hi happy hillbilly, no they are not the same as TW they are smaller I actually have a set of TW ones on it but they look wrong I also have a set of the correct ones but they are quite badly coroded.
    Cheers Len.
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