Was I dreaming, the Red Tractor Halo effect?


Oh damn It's all true then, I had a very interesting conversation with someone very much in the know, at the coal face shall we say. the message that could be taken was, we are getting thrown under a bus, take Mr Eustace's indifference to the pig situation as indicative, what does concern me is that it would appear, that the powers that be, know full well that the proposed future enviro schemes will have a limited take up, and that their only concern is how they will have any control, if farmers carry on, not signed up. Back to Mrs Takeput, are we sleep walking into a situation where the only kid on the block is privatized assurance , demanding a license and membership tax, to sell our produce ?

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Just heard it on the i player. She was talking bollox really.

You gov have done a survey which found that most consumers trusted British produce not red tractor. Anna Hill said they only need to see the Union Jack, Takeput replied "yes but the red tractor has got a union jack too".

As usual, she trotted out the old line up of salmonella, bse and foot and mouth; as if red tractor were the knight in shining armour that rescued everyone from those.

Desperate clinging onto the gravy train.

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The questions in a survey can be worded to achieve the desired result.
Yes, but the whole point of the survey was that people trust British food. I don't think dead tractor was mentioned, just that they tried to hijack the narrative to imply that what the poll really mean was that consumers love dead tractor which most people haven't heard of.

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