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Discussion in 'Weather' started by 360farmsupport, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. It is / has rained a lot. In Crapweathershire anyway. Could do with a long dry spell now.
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  2. Y Fan Wen

    Y Fan Wen Member

    N W Snowdonia
    82mm for last week, coming up to a metre and a half for the year.
  3. Fromebridge

    Fromebridge Member

    Loads of rain here recently but the winter muddy areas you have to avoid still aren't muddy so I reckon there's still a deficit.
  4. fudge it’s wet here
  5. hollister

    hollister Member

    Alcester, warks
    It's got a lot of catching up to do. Ground water was low after last winter!
  6. RmfJ

    RmfJ Member

    Conditions everywhere else seems to be a world away from Pembrokeshire
  7. Wombat

    Wombat Member

    East yorks
    We have half a month of autumn and 3 months of winter to go. It's about spot on here and we are still quite dry but getting bits of rain fairly regularly and it can get very wet very quickly
  8. Fish

    Fish Member

    North yorkshire
    Yes, be very careful what you wish for, as I sure the rain will return at some point.
  9. Y Fan Wen

    Y Fan Wen Member

    N W Snowdonia
    I can't believe anyone in gb could have written that! Not even in sunny Warks!
    We had over a metre Oct to Feb.
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  10. Fiveospades

    Fiveospades Member

    Norfolk Broads
    We have had reasonable rain recently to ease land work but a lot of our ponds and ditches are still very low. This suggests we need above average rainfall to balance us up before next spring.
  11. Wombat

    Wombat Member

    East yorks
    We've had about 200mm since May 1 and 120mm of that has come in 2 days, one in late July and mid Sept but its that time of year where it starts to get tacky and the sun is starting to get low enough that it barely dries at all. We had a couple of mm overnight and the concrete barely dried all day. A couple of drains are just starting to trickle as well.
  12. Goweresque

    Goweresque Member

    North Wilts
    Still dry as anything here. I guess we must have had less than half the average rainfall here since 1st May, and it was a drier than average winter last time too. Ditches are still dry as bones, tops a little greasy in places after a few wet days at the weekend, but underneath is as hard as a rock.
  13. Cjm

    Cjm Member

    And on the Bucks /Northants border we only had 250mm in that period! Sticky in places after 47mm in the last week, but very dry below.....
  14. MX7

    MX7 Member

    It would be interesting to know what contingency plans , the Water Companies of the U.K , could put in to action next spring/summer if it is a drier than normal winter . Assuming they plan that far ahead :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  15. 45mm in Rutland since May 15th
  16. shakerator

    shakerator Member

    if it doesnt for next spring its going to get extremely interesting
  17. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    yeas, very dry here still, bit of surface mud from rain a few days ago but concrete underneath. River gauge has today gone back down to the same it was in August, which is basically running on groundwater, no streams on the farm are running. Fortunately, groundwater levels not too low.
  18. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    Sticky on top in places after the rain at the w-end but been ploughing up Spring ground today and it's very dry underneath. Our main pond is almost dried up (how it would normally be in the hight of summer) and no ditches on the farm have any water in them. Going to start drilling Spring Wheat next week, I may even get to roll it if it stays like this!!

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