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  1. Sparrow

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    South Shropshire
    Has anyone and can this be done? changed their water supplier to the farm, we are in the Severn Trent area who now call themselves (for farm invoicing) Water-Plus. Just wandered as the bill seemed quite high, I know cattle have been drinking all winter but water is not a cheap item, we currently pay 150.75p Meter how does this compare? Thanks
  2. Northeastfarmer

    Borehole time?
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  3. Your luck, ours with water plus ( lancs) is 1.87 m3.....
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  4. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Be careful you are not paying for sewage as well!
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  5. renewablejohn

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    Can never understand why any farmer would pay for water. Surely somewhere on a farm you can create your own supply.
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  6. Two Tone

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    We had a formal agreement (on paper) with Severn Trent about our NRTS (non return to sewer) charge being only 15% of the used water, because 85% was used by livestock or the sprayer. Only 15% goes to the house, calculated by the volume used per person living in it, which I think is 150 litres/head/day.

    It took me 2 years to get that agreement and only after we refused to pay any water bills for those 2 years did they start to take us seriously. After they agreed, we forced them to backdate our claim 6 years plus interest.

    When Water-plus took over, they conveniently forgot about that agreement. It took us about a year to realise this and by then we had overpaid by £1,350.
    Water-plus are in fact a joint venture between Severn Trent (the wholesaler) and United Utilities.

    If you were formerly a United Utilities customer, Water-plus would send you a NRTS claim form. They sent one to us, which I filled in and returned to them. They then said they shouldn’t have sent it to us because we were a former Severn Trent customer, not a former United Utilities customer.
    Now they say we must at our own expense fit another approved meter to the farm house, showing how much it uses, which is then returned to the sewer.

    Stuff that!

    Guess who isn’t paying any water bills until they sort it out?
    It’s the only way anybody will get them to do something about it.
    From previous experience, it’ll be about another year from now before it gets sorted!
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  7. Steevo

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    This whole idea of switching business water suppliers seems rather a fuss about nothing to me. I know of nobody so far who has actually switched.

    The only benefit I can see is for national businesses to be able to put all their water meters with a single supplier, rather than having to deal with every different water body in the country.
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  8. case 5140

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    Derbyshire Dales
    i get a bill from seven trent for 1 water trough and bill from water-plus for others, why?
  9. Steevo

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    Water Plus is business supplier.

    Severn Trent is domestic.

    Is your water trough meter classified as domestic perhaps?
  10. case 5140

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    Derbyshire Dales
    looks like it then
  11. Castle Farm

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    Saw an advert on TV Water aid are supplying water for as little as £3 a month.
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  12. Badshot

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    Oxfam were advertising similar, thought about signing up.........

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