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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by kej81, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. kej81

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    Best waterproofs out there????
  2. livestock 1

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    Not flexothene
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  3. livestock 1

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    Seal flex are good
  4. vinnie123

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  5. awkward

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    kerry ireland
    Guy cotton all in one is a good bit of kit but needs extra lining for the bitter cold days
  6. Martyn

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    South west
    Iv recently got Guy Cotton and quality very good
  7. Demolition Man

    Kaiwaka (y)
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    Seconded, I have recently had one of their Stormforce jackets and was VERY apprehensive about the price as I've never paid anything like that for a work jacket. Absolutely brilliant, very warm and comfortable and it breaths. You don't feel horrible and sweaty like a flexo can get you. Just need to save up for the pants now.....:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  9. neilo

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    I have had a pair of Stormforce leggings from Kiwikit for 4 winters now and I can't fault them, apart from being too warm when it's not cold out... and the price of course.

    I've always found the Flexothane material to be OK, it's just the stitching that always lets them down, giving a soggy crotch in no time. I bought a pair of Oringi leggings a few months ago for warmer weather use, and they have already outlasted any the cheaper Flexthane ones I've had, yet they're made of the exact same material. They are dearer at £48/pair, but they are actually stitched/welded properly.
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  10. Willie adie

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    before you buy kaiwawa
    there is a company
    ast direct.
    now they stock waterproofs identical to kaiwawa in all but price
    i know people who have kaiwawa and gone to his stuff, and they say its exactly the same.
    tepapa on here, he has both and can compare.
    ive used the ast ones and so far spot on use them in amongst sheep at mart so a really good test.
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  11. jondear

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    Have you a link? Thanks
  12. livestock 1

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    4 winters????!!!! Our flexothene we wear last us 2/3 months at best and they are completely shot. As you say wet crotch is normal. The trouble is having something you can manoeuvre in and something that doesn’t leave you with a pair of curtains when a scotty or Swale goes past at x mph
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  13. livestock 1

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    It’s funny when you mention the price. Grandfather always bought a new Barbour jacket every October and it wasn’t cheap going back 40 years or so. It’s funny how we value things differently now.
  14. Danllan

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    Sir Gar / Carms
    Kaiwaka Stormforce jacket and trousers, can't fault them after eighteen months of hard use. That written, I'm not precious about labels and if there is kit just as good for less ( @Willie adie ?) that's what I'll buy when these need replacing - but I don't expect that to be soon because I've worked them hard and they still look new.

    Apart from the cowsh!t stains... :banghead:

    Because you had to; no matter how well done, any later proofing was never as good as the original... :(
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  15. livestock 1

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    An old fella once told me water only gets as far as the skin
  16. Fergieman

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  17. Danllan

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    Sir Gar / Carms
    Yes, we must hope that was just before the old b*stard died of hypothermia; we used to get similar comment sfrom Sergeant Majors such as 'pain is just weakness leaving the body'... :D Gits...
  18. kej81

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    Will have a look now Thankyou
  19. Willie adie

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    they appear to be identical
  20. I don't think it's the stitching that goes on Flexothane - it's the seam seal, which can be repaired very cheaply....

    I've tried quite a few other brands and honestly for day to day durability you can't really beat Foexothane (UNLESS you need them to be waterproof). I wear mine every day in winter, but more to keep me clean than dry, usually buy a new pair for lambing time then they see out the rest of the year. Have Stormline Bib&Brace and jacket for torrential rain which are 3+ years old now and still like new.

    Other waterproof I like is Fortress For-Tex but with daily use they perish very quickly. If only using them when wet/you actually need them they last well. I go through the trousers in a couple months but I've still got the first jacket I bought which must be 6 or 7 years old now.
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