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  1. has anyone been through a rotation with lambing yet?
    I am coming up to weaning soon and am trying to decide whether we do the standard - separate onto far fields and have 2 mobs

    to have a leader follower system - as ive read one source which said that the lambs suffered less of a check in growth when kept closer to mum.

    thoughts ideas please./
  2. Chasingmytail

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    Newport, SE Wales
    @Tim W is your man on this. We would work on a complete separate 2 mobs.
  3. thanks chasing, ill await his imput.
  4. Tim W

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    I'm no expert on this ----i have used rotational grazing systems where allowed but usually end up weaning all lambs from various farms onto one pasture

    To minimize disruption i would start by leaving lambs in the pasture and moving ewes to wherever you feel is safe --- i'm not sure having ewes and lambs next to each other reduces stress (more likely increases?)
    This you can do in a leader system but just keeping distance between ewes and lambs --especially to start with
  5. thanks ill have todo some looking at the fields and how best to use them with my 3 separator fences. I wonder if leaving them with mum might be an option..will do some research as in true style no one does that because their fathers didnt .. aka shifting baseline.

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