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Discussion in 'Weather' started by JP1, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Need to drive from Suffolk to Devon tomorrow with a trailer

    Can I ask folks what's the road situation tonight ? Mainly higher ground on A303 and A30

  2. well the snow on the ground started to go away as today wore on....

    as far as i know the A30 has been gritted now the cars etc that were abandonded are collected so should be ok tomorrow

    leave a bit later perhaps as we have hardish frost forecast and will linger a bit ir, and with coldish day temp. also forecast. for tomorrow....

    better route atm might be M4 M5 ND link road imo.
  3. JP1

    JP1 Moderator


    I was thinking of going tomorrow afternoon, getting to my Brother's before dark (and the rugby) , stay at Farnham and then do a down the 303/ NDL road and back via M5/M4 Sunday
  4. Goweresque

    Goweresque Member

    North Wilts
    According to Google traffic map, the M3 is closed, as is the A303 close to where it joins the M3. Around Basingstoke has had heavy snow this afternoon. I'd avoid that area if I was you. M4/M5 appears clear, with just a slow section by Highbridge.
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  5. For down here...
    It's an improving (forecast anyway ) picture freezing temps beyond 8 or 9am tmorrow and with temp rising through
    Sunday and Monday .
    But Dont know anything about the 303 .
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  6. Bertram

    Bertram Member

    303 eastbound was royally bugggered east of wincanton today, around Mere. I was sat stationary for a couple of hours. Worked my way around the back roads eventually so I don’t know the cause, probably abandoned cars. Worth checking before you leave tomorrow.
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  7. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    I'm already asking friends and family

    I thought there must be TFFers all the way along the route who could maybe post in the morning tomorrow ?
  8. kfpben

    kfpben Member

    Mid Hampshire
    I have been snowploughing just south of Basingstoke all day. It really is a no go area. A foot of lying snow, mostly today and unforecasted!
  9. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Morning folks. Any updates would be very welcome on how the roads are this morning
  10. I'm told the roads are those that are out and about (Devon) theres been a thaw but its bit colder now the sun is going down, met office keep notifying me of ice between now and 11 am Tom. Roads have dried tho to a degree today and with grit I'm sure they will be fine

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