Discussion in 'Weather' started by Paddington, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Paddington

    Paddington Member

    Soggy Shropshire
    What has happened to Free Farming Weather these days ?
  2. super4

    super4 Member

    It's still available.Updated Mondays and Thursdays on the main weatherweb website.
  3. Bob

    Bob Member

    Co Durham
    Farmers Guardian pulled the funding didn't they?
  4. Paddington

    Paddington Member

    Soggy Shropshire
    Still got a ten day old forecast on the site, thought Simon might have got pee'd off with the weather like the rest of us and gone on holiday ?
  5. Wombat

    Wombat Member

    East yorks
    I think the last couple of farming ones have been a little slow to come up but maybe he’s busy. Also as it rains every bloody day there not a lot to say other than its rubbish and will be rubbish for the foreseeable future
  6. Simon Keeling

    Simon Keeling Member

    Morning all, sorry about the delay and sometimes 'non-appearance' of the videos. Hoping the 'technical' hiccups have been sorted now!
  7. jondear

    jondear Member

    Yep just watched it thank you.
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