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    We've been using a GD for about 15 months now and planted hundreds of acres of OSR and stubble turnips and had no problems. Many of the farmers where we have planted stubble turnips have been very impressed with how shallow we can plant and the good crops behind the drill.
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  2. on heavy land open slots are a problem under certain conditions
    when it is wet and stays wet slugs move down them
    when it is wet at drilling and it dries out they can open more
    when it is hard then rains slug get down them

    waiting till it is dryer can alleviate some of the problems for wet conditions
    the problem with a gd compared to a big disc is that it will go in conditions that are wetter when you should not be drilling

    I would agree that a 4 m trailed should have enough weight

    having a wider drill and traveling slower is always better and leads to reduced wear on disks and bearings
    on a big disc and a moore at speed the disc get warm and bearing can get warm which reduces their life
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    Second wheat drilled with the gd 3m demo machine 28th September, hasn't looked great all winter but seems to be looking better by the day now.
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