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    Looks good in the top two photos. Mine is really struggling with flea beetle trying to come through a heavy spring barley stubble trash. Mine is coping better with less beetle damage where there is less trash!
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    leics/warks border
    I've noticed in the past that you get more beetle damage where there is more trash, even where the straw has been spread unevenly.
    I've used 80kg/Ha seed for that reason this year. The beetle have been busy but the crop is winning, no insecticide applied.
    The cold and dry have been the main problem this year. Drilled fist week of April. Only 35mm rain since.
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    How are weaving GD operators of trailed drills setting up the drill in firm ground like Lucerne?
    I tried today and found because the discs swivel that the drill was dancing around like it was on marbles. We had penetration but the drill was tracking off something terrible even on very flat ground. It maybe how I have it set up but even with the back wheels touching the ground it didn't want to track properly. Up to now we have been getting on fine after normal crops but this certainly has me sratching my head.
  4. When the ground is hard I need to go slower if there is not enough weight on the press wheel my 54 coulter drill full hopper 5 plus tonnes is ok but when the seed hopper is nearly empty it is a bigger problem
    After beans in hard ground

    If the disc is dancing all over I tilt the coulter bar forward to increase depth
    This is on the caddy drill with a rear toolbar

    The latest gd mid mounted coulter bar has all the hopper weight on the coulters with higher weight per coulter

    As fields have more years of notill the easier it gets some fields quicker than others
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    Thanks for your reply yellowbelly. We have the new midmounted drill and after some thought and talking to the other drill owner over here, i adjusted the back wheel to touch the ground reasonably firmly, while taking more air out of the back wheels. it compromised depth half an inch but at least stopped the drill wandering. the ground was very hard and to be honest any drill would have struggled. I have only purchased this ground in the last year and it had been cut and carry lucerne for the previous 7 years. Plenty of earthworms when wet but lacking carbon. For our style drill i would like to see a load cell on one coulter press wheel to link up with the carrying wheels hydraulic system . i believe that would help control down pressure better but of course complicating that would be making sure the carrying wheels don't lift off the ground to provide stability from the drill wandering.
    I tried lowering the drawbar at the front as you have said but on our drill that lifted the rear wheels enough to lose stability.

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