BASIS Points Available Webinar - 11th June - New Specialist Crop Markets - 08:00 08:45

Chaired by Matt Culley, NFU Crops Board

Consumer interest in different grains, healthy proteins and green energy is opening up new cropping opportunities. This session explores some of the options currently available and new ones being explored.
  • Andrew Probert, Premium Crops Managing Director, reviews the economic and rotational value of specialist crops such as lupins, linseed, canary seed and millet
  • Skye Van Heyzen, Agrii Innovation Crops Product Manager, gives a glimpse of some new species, the benefits to arable rotations and efforts to get them to market
  • Kevin Lindegaard, Crops4Energy talks about the market opportunities that willow, poplar, straw and other residues afford arable farmers in the form of biomass energy generation
  • Sophie Alexander, Organic Arable chair, has run both conventional and arable production side by side but has now moved the whole farm to organics to capitalise on higher margins



Matt Culley

Matt Culley, Combinable Crops Board Chairman - NFU Crops Board

Andrew Probert

Andrew Probert, Managing Director - Premium Crops @Premium Crops

Skye van Heyzen

Skye van Heyzen, Innovation Crops Product Manager - Agrii

Sophie Alexander

Sophie Alexander, Chairman of Organic Arable, Hemsworth Farm

Kevin Lindegaard

Kevin Lindegaard, Director - Crops for Energy


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Questions during this webinar from the attendees:

Q: Andrew Probert - whats the most interesting specialist crop you are looking at at the moment?

Q: With the reduction of OSR area, does the panel see any of the specialist crops filling this gap?

Q: Skye Van Heyzen - What new crops are giving the greatest benefit to soil/biodiversity and at the same time are competitive on the market?

Q: are chickpeas and harricot at all possible in the north west or need to be dry? What other conditions?

Q: Is food barley naked barley?

Q: To what extent are you focusing on new crop varieties that add value by benefiting consumer health in multiple ways e.g high Omega3. Please could you list few of the crops that add the most value?

Q: Can Micanthus be used like straw for housebuilding?

Q: Kevin Lindegaard - why are we still looking at monoculture woodland (open to disease? e.g ash dieback) but with arable crops we seam to be going the other way e.g herb rich leys and planting a variety of species in one field?

Q: There is often the misconception that these specialist crops are more expensive to establish and more difficult to grow, what is the financial incentive for farmers to integrate them as past of their rotation?

Q: is their a place for stubble turnips in an arable rotation in furthers ??

Q: What net zero ambition challenges are there for organic production?

Q: will willow suffer from the high temperatures, seen this spring?

Q: do you see the reduced growing area for energy crops in future ??

Q: For Kevin L. Will perennial bio energy crops provide more resilience in wet autumns conditions and flood prone land?

Q: do you see an increase in the return to mixed farming systems ?

Q: Will SRC Willow and Miscanthus , Polar be rewarded for the high value for biodiversity and natural flood management, carbon that it offers?

Q: Are the crops all suited to direct drilling or the arm equipment that already exist on-farm from conventional crops?

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