We'd love a little help. Do you have a smartphone?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by RobFM, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Yeah get one,the only thing to worry about then is keeping it charged up all the time :rolleyes:
  2. Areas of Pigion damage
    Fox runs
    Wet spots noted during the year
    Dates when things like trees and hedges were planted so you can compare growth rates at different areas of the farm
    Areas of crime / fly tipping, crime reference numbers relative to each point.
    Will you be able to take pictures to back up all of the above?

    I think your concept is superb, my phone and a Labrador are often the only two things I have to have to hand at all times. Gone are the days of bits of paper.

    It's a bit like the iCloud which downloads to your PC pictures you just took in the field. Saves cables and USB ports transferring them from a digi camera on to computer.
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  4. Blod

    Blod Member

    Ok, indulge me if you will. Why, if I can get google maps can't I have this app on an android phone? And what constitutes a "smart" phone? If I had one would internet coverage improve? I get little Gs and Hs when I switch the Internet on but it is so slow to connect I give up. Made for interesting navigation for a while o_O
  5. Mouser

    Mouser Member

    near Belfast
    Thinking this would be useful database for contractors to use. If farmers marked obstacles / wet spots/ steep corners. The contractor (mower man in particular) would have instant information available. An app that I could connect to their farm and show which fields were to cut and any obstacles in them would be great. Also a contractor boss could load all info about fields that need explaining for whatever reason which could be available to new members of staff each year.
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  6. Against_the_grain

    For me being able to have a platform that I can share/interact with others on the farm would be ideal. That way can mark out, field drains, fallen trees, badger sets, broken fences, bits of machinery and allow everyone access to this.
    Also a tool for recording machinery repairs/breakdowns etc.

    I suppose a notebook for my phone which is accessible and can be interactive by the people I want to see things across both android and ios.

    Compatability with gatekeeper would be ideal
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  7. georgieFM

    georgieFM New Member

    Hi all, I'm one of @RobFM 's colleagues at fieldmargin. All your comments are incredibly useful and are on a whiteboard in the office ready for us to figure out how to build the tools you need!

    @frustratedfarmer - great suggestions, exactly what we want the app to be used for. Pictures unfortunately not in this early version, but coming in the next few months.

    @Blod - android version is on the way, it just happened that the team finished the iPhone version first and we're keen to get it being used 'in the wild' and get some feedback straight away. If you want to pop me a message with your email address I'll make sure you're first on the list to get to play with the android version :) Getting a 'smart phone' may well make the internet a bit better, but depends on which phone you have currently
  8. Have you got 4 G ?
  9. Blod

    Blod Member

    Don't ask me technical questions :eek:
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  10. What phone have you got!?

    A black one is not enough detail either...!
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  11. Blod

    Blod Member

    It says samsung on the back. A3 I think. I've had it about a year. Not nearly as good as people said it would be. Someone on here was raving about Samsung phones. They all abhor water, dust and heat. None of them really bounce and won't sit between your chin and shoulder because they are too slimline but wide so they dont fit in your pocket. Ducking phones.
  12. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    its called evernote and exists, i do most of what you say there with it and more .......and its free
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  13. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    mentioned before but what's really missing in any smart phone mapping app is ability to set waypoints (manually or import from .csv etc ) and then navigate to them for sampling etc.
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  14. Against_the_grain

    Thanks @Clive ill have a look
  15. Prob. just under powered - daughter has an A5 and that works well gps and all...well it found us the bella italia in leamington the other day anyway....:D
  16. georgieFM

    georgieFM New Member

    Hey @Clive , I know this is something that @RobFM and Mark are really keen on including too, so it's on the list for our developers to get built ASAP
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  17. Gulli

    Gulli Member

    What about livestock?
    Which animals in which fields etc. Would be more useful than all the arable stuff :whistle:
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  18. You livestock boys are always letting em out!

    Why not chip them then they can be tracked by satellite trampling our crops ;)
  19. Gulli

    Gulli Member

    They would be a lot easier to find if you arable lot didn't leave every gate on your 500 acres open :p
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  20. You should take more care with it if it is so important :unsure:.. ..A5 seems to be a good phone .works well on 4g....refurb one here on 15 a month deal..(2yrs)...if ur really cack handed might need to cost more in insurance..:rolleyes:

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