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  1. Sandpit Farm

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    I am getting married this summer at my parents farm (in France) and I am interested to hear of any ideas for making it one to remember. It is a challenge to keep my parents from dominating the whole thing with what they think we should do etc so I would like some ideas of little things that make a difference.

    Basically, marquee (which we have bought) in front of swimming pool, cattle trough full of ice with beers, gin bar and copious amounts of wine. There will be a band and music for later (all outside).

    Was going to decorate a small sheep shed up the hill with bunting and little lights with bales inside and a little fire pit outside for cooking marshmallows.

    Any ideas or things we should avoid?
  2. topground

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    North Somerset.
    The ceremony and any legal process? (avoids subsequent acrimonious divorce)
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  3. BIG BBQ for food. :hungry:
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  4. Sandpit Farm

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    I guess I could suggest that to my fiancée... I wonder how she will take it o_O
  5. Where abouts are they?
    Farm with swimming pool doesn’t sound like these parts:whistle:
  6. Sandpit Farm

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    It's further south than you. It is the Tarn near Gaillac.... the swimming pool is pretty cold though to be fair. I can jump out as fast as I jump in.
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  7. Bald Rick

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    Guard of honour made up of Gillet Jaune

    They can then light some tyres on which you can BBQ
  8. 76masseyman

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    You must remember, and hope your parents respect the fact, that it is 'your' day.
    But you must remember that it isn't just your day, it is also your fiancés day.
    Now you may be in the very enviable position that your fiancé and parents get on very well together, and your fiances parents too.
    Got a similar situation going on in my circle of friends. Wedding on a farm with reception and evening event in a barn. Groom and parents planning, but bride began feeling a tad sidelined by it all. Her parents input seeming to be largely ignored also.
    Got to a point where I thought it wasn't going to happen. But it is.......
    at a neutral venue, with the venue doing the work, and bride and groom sorting the finer details together.

    I'm sure you're doing great, but don't become overwhelmed, and make it a day you both cherish, and remember for the good reasons.
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  9. Keep your hands off the bridesmaids (y)
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  10. Sandpit Farm

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    You have hit the nail precisely on the head! Thanks for recognising this, it really is an issue. I am going to have to have another word with my stepmother. My Fiancees family aren't in the picture really but my parents are a bit intense to say the least... when we visit them, the dog gets walked to within an inch of his life just so we get a bit of time alone together - god knows what we would do if anything happened to the dog!
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  11. 76masseyman

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    It's only one day, but that day can, and will, affect the rest of your lives.

    Good luck, and I hope all goes well.
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  12. buffalo_soldier

    Been to two marquee weddings.

    One had a choice of 3 spit roasted pork, beef and I can't remember the third as kind of a carvery for the wedding breakfast.
    In the evening a couple of burger vans rocked up.

    The other hired a few of those foodie stalls you get at event type things. Kind of a world buffet type of thing.

    Unrelated but I got hammered both times.
    Best of luck(y).
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  13. JJT

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    This is what we did, got 4 fire pits about 3' diameter and made some grids for the tops, then just had a chiller counter full of meat and a diy bbq. Then after took the grids off and had the firepits stoked up for after. I was a bit apprehensive that some people wouldn't want to cook their own food but everybody got stuck in and enjoyed it. Oh and beer in an ice filled water trough. (y)

    Edit. You don't HAVE to have fancy frocks and suits at weddings, me, my best man and ushers were in plain shirts, jeans and cowboy boots.

    We just had a really nice chilled out day.
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  14. miniconnect

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    Don't try to be too fancy whatever you decide, get good food and drink and a good mix of good company, you've got the entertainment sorted so the rest will take care of itself.

    The memorable nights are the most relaxed, unplanned, unforced nights I find.
  15. Robt

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    When i got married, we spent 80% 0f budget on the private chef, local food and amazing wines... Everyone left typsy and full!!!! as our experience of wedding is the food is terrible and drinks are expensive. We got family and friends to help decorate an amazing thatched barn. Bought a tweed jacket for wedding and to wear again. Mate lent me his Merc SL55 for grooms car, friend drove wife in his Disco. Had a BBQ and cheese at 11pm when everyone was peckish.... its all about what youand your future wife want not what you think you should do to keep everyone happy. We had a free bar made out of old potato boxes and pallets. We left an honesty box on the bar.. We were blown away by the cash in it next day. It was a closed box so others couldnt see what you put in! All in all its your day and dont forget that
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  16. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Dont forget,it can rain so you do need cover.
    If parents are paying, no idea if you are bride or groom, they will expect input, orherwise it is important that you lay down the law now,
    But do not forget, it is there place , so work with them.
    One thing let father organise fireworks, nothing like them to keep an old man happy!
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  17. betweenthelines

    Swimming pool or sheep dip with big ideas?

    On a more serious note, at my daughter's wedding everyone who was taking pictures was asked to e-mail them to the happy couple- a great way of getting loads of unposed memories. Also had competitions to get a photo of - bride's oldest friend, groom's eldest relative, person who has come most distance, etc.etc. -great way to get everyone mixing.
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  18. I will say one thing and one thing only. The photographer is the most important part of any wedding. They will capture the day for posterity. Make sure they are a good one, ideally you want one with an assistant. The number of people I know who got married and just left the photography to a budding photographer friend, don't do it. If you spend good money on one thing it must be the photographer.
  19. The worlds richest man has just realized that he should have taken his best friends advice when he inquired, "Have you and your intended wife both signed a legal pre-nuptual agreement..?"

    When asked how he dealt with this ticklish situation a well known figure explained how it was done............"I love you darling, sign here"
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