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    Sounds a nightmare

    A wedding is really the girl's day to dress up like a princess

    If the male side of the union are taking over the day and all it entails then you will be heading for a showdown and resentment

    My advice - keep it simple as most post 2000 weddings are OTT in extravagance

    A wedding is a day, a marriage is for life

    Best weddings I have been to are the simple ones - village church with hedgerow flowers
    Village hall afterwards with all the guests bringing some of the food and booze and a celeidh

    Both couples that did that are still together after 30 years and have 3-4 smashing grounded grown up kids
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  2. There's not much I would change about mine.

    Venue and catering was all in together, seriously over-catered for the evening though, which was a waste.

    I had the choice of karaoke or a rodeo bull :scratchhead:

    Make sure you put a serious amount of effort into your speech, as people will remember it. Don't just scribble a few words on cards and hope you can be fluent, articulate and humorous.

    Make sure the ushers and best man take their roles seriously to take some pressure off you.

    To make it more personal we had table names for the sit down meal rather than numbers, and a personalised cake.
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    Thank you for all of the responses. I think simplicity is best, like many have said.

    We are having BBQed meats and vegetables which will be served 'family style' in china that has been bought from car boots (but it's all good bone china stuff) and tables will be in a 'fete' sort of arrangement with bunting and stuff.

    My folks have offered to pay for half (although we have covered things like dresses and rings etc ourselves as it is not appropriate for them to pay for that). I am getting less comfortable with it to be honest as it is easy to lose some control. I said they could have 20 or so mates in the evening but I want to keep the daytime guests as people that we know - I now notice that there are one or two couples whose names I don't recognise that they want to invite so I am going to need to have an awkward conversation.

    The speech is important to me TBH. She is doing a speech too (which I think is great). I have started noting things down that I think I could include.
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  4. The Groom's speech is easy, just a matter of thanking the right people in the right order and being romantic on some sort of level. Break it up with 2 or 3 toasts.

    Leave the waffley stories of filth and smut to the Bride's father and the Best Man.

    My brother got married in Norway, which was very different, as it takes ALL DAY (with a break in the middle) and anyone who wants to do a speech can just stand up a crack on.
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    I'd say the best thing would be to organise what YOU want
    I'd be inclined to tell nobody anything until just a few days before, it will be too late for them to start interfearing
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    Do whatever you want and fudge the traditions and "rules"

    I don't enjoy public speaking....the thought of it would take the shine off the I didn't do a speech.

    We had a marquee on the farm, tractors, bales, bar made from pallets etc

    Our favourite food is Mexican so we had that to feed everyone....when a guest complained to a mate it wasn't fitting with the theme he told them if you knew the couple that we'll you would know it is exactly the right food.

    My only regret is I should have declined a few more if the shots and had a few soft drinks in between booze.

    I don't remember as much as I would like.....don't get me wrong I love a good drink but that is a day I would rather have more memory of.
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