Wednesday's Weather+Storm Barbara

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    Wednesday's Summary: windy rain or showers in places

    A windy day with gales in places, sunshine and showers across Northern Ireland and Scotland. The showers will be heavy at times and wintry, especially over the high ground. While elsewhere bright and breezy with some rain this afternoon moving in from the west with some heavy bursts likely. High of 12C/54F

    Weather Warnings are out for Friday.

    A vigorous depression “Storm Barbara” is expected to move to the north of Scotland as it does it is likely to give heavy rain with snow over high ground in Scotland and the north of England. Winds over northern Scotland could reach 100MPH with gusts to 110MPH over the high ground in Scotland giving Blizzard conditions here, it will be less windy in the south but still with gusts to 50MPH

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    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!

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