Weekend Weather(7-8 Jan) Turning Colder snow later.

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    Weekend Summary: milder, dry in the east but wet in west


    A cloudy but dry day for most, some rain is likely in the far south-west. There will be some brightness in the north, particularly in eastern Scotland. On the plus side it’s going to feel milder than of late. High of 13C/55F


    Most should become dry and rather mild, still the chance of some patchy light rain affecting some western parts. While a few fog patches are likely in the east. High 8C/46F

    Will be mostly cloudy and dull with some drizzle at times over western hills. Some breaks are likely in the east, especially across eastern Scotland. Mild in the west but a little colder in the east. High of 12C/54F

    Heads up to the end of the week:
    xc weather
    snap shoot.gif

    Shepherds take note with lambing started we are expecting much colder unstable air to flood south from the arctic, heavy frequent hail and snow showers are likely from Thursday onwards with moderates falls over high ground. We will of course keep you updated here at the farmer forum and at metjeffuk.com website.

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    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!
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