Weekend Weather Forecast 15/9/17

Discussion in 'Weather' started by Simon Keeling, Sep 15, 2017.

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    A chilly weekend ahead with some showers, but also some sunny spells. I'm hopeful of an improvement early next week, but only for a couple of days.

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    Issued: 1100 hrs, Friday 15th September 2017

    Low pressure to the east on Saturday with high pressure to the west. This brings a chilly, northerly airflow across the country. There will be showers, most of them to the east and through central areas, and the showers again tending to move through in bands.
    Western parts of England, Scotland and Wales will be rather cloudy with an area of patchy rain slipping south during the course of the morning and early afternoon, but this tending to fade away as the afternoon progresses..
    Winds will be mainly N 15-20kt (F4 occ F5).

    The area of low pressure remains to the east on Sunday with higher pressure north and west.
    Some showers continuing on eastern coasts and hills, these tending to edge inland through the course of the morning and into the afternoon.
    Northern and western parts of the UK and Ireland will be dry with good spells of sunshine and will stay fair into the afternoon.
    Winds mainly N-NNE 10-15kt (F3-F4.

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    Autumn winter next spring really!.All we want to know is what the hell is it going to do next week……!
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    As I sit here watching the 14th consecutive day it's rained and now we have a thunder storm.
  4. kill

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    South West
    I don't think Simon understands how depressive our current weather is and how desperate we need a little brightness on the horizon else Mole Valley going be selling vast quantities of rope:banghead:
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  5. Simon Keeling

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    Trust me, I do understand your frustrations!
    If you promise me you won't run away with ideas of cloudless skies and warm temperatures I'll tell you that things may pick up (briefly) early next week, before a blip mid to late in the week, but after that pressure may build (note I said 'build' NOT high pressure over the top of us).
    So we'll go from 3/10 to 6/10 but we may get 7/10 next weekend and into the week after.
    I'm/we're explaining everything, and the various possibilities over on the Premium site....I won't witter on here.
    But please do know I get what you're going through!
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  6. Simon Keeling

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    It's what subscribers are asking for, but yes, I understand your frustration with what's happening now!
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