Weekend Weather Forecast 21/4/17

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    Hi everyone,

    The forecast for the weekend is below.

    There's cold weather on the way next week - a late hit of winter spreading from the north brings a risk of snow and
    hail showers, and overnight frosts for many.

    We've been keeping Weatherweb Premium members up to speed on the cold developments all this week, and also
    expanding our thoughts into May.

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    Have a great weekend,


    High pressure centred to the west of Ireland influences much of the British Isles, whilst a weak cold front passes
    Dry overall, just a chance of local spots of rain from thicker cloud. Bright skies with some sunshine, generally best
    around western coasts in the afternoon, but cloud will be quite extensive inland. Light north-westerly winds.
    Highs 10 to 12C north & east, 14C central areas, 15 or 16C south-west.
    Winds N-NW or variable in southern regions, F3 or F4 (10-15kt), locally F2 or less (5-8kt). In the Scotland & the north-
    east, nearer F4-F5 (15-20kt).

    A frosty night is likely for some overnight into Sunday as skies clear, mainly in the north and west.
    High pressure resides across the south, whilst low pressure moves across northern Scotland. Generally dry for most,
    with good spells of sunshine in the south, but cloud thickening in the north. Fronts bring showery rain or hill snow to
    northern Scotland. Freshening westerly winds, later turning north-westerly.
    Highs 13 to 16C for central & southern Britain, but nearer 10C in Scotland.
    Winds variable or S-SW in south, F2 to F4 (7-13kt). Northern Britain W-SW F4 to F6 (15-25kt), risk F7 (25-30kt) far

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