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Discussion in 'Fitness and Weight Loss' started by Will Wilson, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Will Wilson

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    I need to lose about 2 1/2 to 3 stone this year to get back into a reasonable shape - I am a tall guy but now fat as well and noticing the effort it takes to move about.

    My job is sedentary and I have a young daughter so time to exercise is limited. I used to box and play rugby a lot - and I expect I still eat the same volume but burn a lot fewer calories.

    So here's the deal, everyone has hints and advice (appreciated) but what I need is somewhere to record progress and perhaps if a couple of others were interested somewhere to get a bit competitive.

    Anyone interested in taking up the challenge? I have given myself the arbitrary date of Cereals 2019 (12/June) to have dropped 2 stone - 'Slim for Cereals'
  2. davidroberts30

    ive dropped about 1/5 of the calories i normally eat,trying to stay under 2000 a day since beginning of january
    also going to swim 3x a week
    dropped about 2 kilos so far:)
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  3. Chae1

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  4. Mr Charisma

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    stratford on Avon
    Thank you @Chae1 ,
    I'm no expert but I suppose in some small way I suppose I can show what can be done when you are fully committed to the cause .
    To the OP who probably doesn't know my reasons for going on a diet ,
    So very briefly I had a accident some 20 years ago , fell 22 ft onto a concrete floor but hobbled away from it , it had consequences and ten years ago my hips started to give me a lot of pain , I have always been a big lad but with the pain I became sloth like and I gained more weight , had 2 hip replacements but still eventually ending up at 21 stone 3 pounds , at that point my wife understandably gave up on me and left me . I had 2 choices , sit at home and sulk , drink and eat myself to oblivion or give myself a deserved kick up the arse and change my life around.
    I like to think I have done the later .
    So a week after my wife walked out of my life I walked into a sliming world meeting and it's changed my life , I haven't totally followed their diet but it's has given me the impetuous to keep on going .
    The rough figures on the door are that since Sept 15th when my wife left me I have lost six and a half stone or 91 pounds or if your metricated 41 kgs . For me I'm nearly at target weight , just not quiet sure when to stop , it's become a addiction but I know I've got to stop dieting and to learn to plateaux my weight .
    All in all it's been a journey , I have regrets , if I had done it after my hip replacements then my wife may not of left me but looking forwards I have had a stunning lady walk into my life , yes she has had problems in her life but we can enjoy our time together mending each other !!!!
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  5. davidroberts30

    sorry for what happend but fair play that is some going(y)
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  6. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Create a fit bit group - get the connected scales and have a weekly weigh in ?

    Make it interesting / incentivised ? - put some money on the group winner maybe ?

    For me the best way to control my weight is intermittent fasting which has lots of other health benefits, 5/2 with zero kcal on fast days I can drop 0.5kg / week when I need to - tend to do

    Crept from my ideal 80 to 84kg in the run up to Christmas but back to 82kgs already

    It suits some people more than others but I find it a very easy way to keep things right

    Really you should focus more on body fat % than weight though and keep it sub 20%
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  7. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    I'm nearly into treble figures! 99kg.

    Target is 90kg for a start.

    Trying to do it by changing diet for a start. Need to get exercise too. For health reasons too, would benefit mental and physical health.
  8. Well I don't have any idea how much I weigh or what I should weigh but have got a drawer full of 32inch waist trousers I'm struggling to close now and some I can't at all I just close them with a belt :oops:
    I am NOT going to buy new trousers! I added up how much it would cost to replace them all with 34 inch waist ones and it's not happening :greedy::stop:
    So belly needs to get smaller somehow :oops: but have no idea where to start of how to go about it. Limited time to go and do any sort of training so will have to just eat less and use work as exercise which I suppose it is in a way.
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  9. Boysground

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    Over the last year or so I decided I was too unfit. Bought a bike and now go out with some friends ( all farmers) I have lost weight and feel much better. It’s not been as good once the clocks changed so I should be up and cycling on Zwift in the next few days. We a hope to have places in ride London this year so I have to be good for 100 miles. Strava is great you can see what everyone is up to, it also works for walking and running.

    I would be happy loosing another stone and a half.:)

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  10. davidroberts30

    easiest is find a calorie counter and list all your foods for a day or 2 and count all the calories
    reduce the calories is the way to loose weight:censored:ive dropped a fifth of mine and weight is going
    try a swim or cycle once or twice a week
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  11. 15476378834131802392862.jpg
    I think cutting out biscuits and bread ( :( ) will go a long way but am trying to eat less in general too. Haven't got a calorie counter though that sounds like something I could fiddle too easily :sneaky:
    Bought this at the weekend to get my old bike up and running again (y) not sure when I'll have time to use it though until it gets lighter of an evening :unsure:
    Wasn't going to buy a new bike or I may as well spend the money on new trousers :bag::whistle::censored::ROFLMAO:
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  12. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    I'm eating lots of forage oats, dry oatcakes. They fill you up for ages and good for your guts. I feel better since I've started eating them.

    Cut out crisps, chocolate biscuits, cheese. Cut down on potatoes, pasta, rice. Its simple really burn more calories than you consume. Don't understand why such a fuss made over helping people lose weight.

    I've just 1 pair of jeans fits me now!
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  13. ARW

    ARW Member

    Ketogenic diet is the way to do it, just eat meat an whole food
  14. Landrover

    Landrover Member

    I'm following this with interest, been on slimming world since November, so far lost 2.5stone, tho did put a bit back on over Xmas, cheese and Xmas cake was to blame for that ! Ideally I would like to lose another 2 stone, my problem is that I still are the same amount from when I had a very physical job to now sitting on my backside for 8 months of the year !
  15. davidroberts30

    basically what i'm doing(y)
    cut out all processed foods as much a s possible
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  16. davidroberts30

    an idea might be get a fitness watch that helps you count steps and heart rate,it might even tell you how many calories you've used or the app for the watch certainly should(could even borrow 1 for a few days till yo get the hang of it(y))
    then just keep a eye on what you eat and keep your intake total under the used total
  17. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    It can be done. I'm down 1.5st since mid Nov, combination of broadly following Slimming World plan, cutting out most bread biscuits cakes etc, and filling up on veg fruit etc, and having a good sweat for 45min at least 4 times a week on rowing machine.
    You have to find a method of eating that you can stick to long term, because it will not work if you have a chip on your shoulder about what you can't have.
    We are now buying a out 1/4 of the butter and cheese we did and have pastry perhaps twice a week, chips done on an oven tray with a drizzle of oil are actually better than ok.
  18. Well I've made a start about it today. Walked to go get some sheep in instead of using the quad. Didn't take any longer than it normally would really so will be doing more of that.
    More importantly I haven't finished off my daughters dinner and have had a sensible portion for myself instead of piling as much on a plate as I can :bag:
  19. davidroberts30

    use the daughters plates:LOL:
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  20. I didn't really need to lose much weight but I decided to reduce carbs a little bit and reduce alcohol a fair bit. I don't like the idea of eliminating anything as its not sustainable so I still eat a cake/ drink beer etc.. From all the stuff I've read diet controls weight and fitness will control heart/ strength/ flexibility etc.

    So for the diet don't eat much crap or if you do eat crap the 5/2 thing probably can work ok within reason. Don't focus too much on weight, focus on look/fatness

    Healthy food ideas - Porridge and hot water for brekky with sunflower seeds is a good start to the day. Its quite milky if left for 5 mins. Omlette (spinach or spring onion is nice) is good for lunch as is tinned fish and salads or soup (go easy on bread). Make sure your evening meal has plenty of veg and some carbs but don't overdo the spuds/bread. If you want a biscuit - eat one not two! Veg seems to have more going for it that fruit by and large (greens especially) - plan your meals too. Get a recipe book like the Mindful Chef or Hello Fresh or The Roasting Tin is a new one I got. Cheap to buy.

    I'm into weights and rowing in the gym lately and if you can get someone to show you how to do free weights its really enjoyable especially as you will keep progressing quickly and when you progress quickly you keep motivated quicker esp if you stick to . I started the gym 6 weeks ago and could only do 12 pull ups with 14kg assistance and now I can do 25 unaided and think I could get to 50 unaided in 6 weeks. Whatever excercise you do make sure you make gains with it because that keeps the motivation - for me I want to get stronger now because I know in the summer I'll be better at cycling and running later on and the gym is the most practical frequent way of doing it. I think you should mix weights with cardio if you can. Also don't go and totally knacker yourself out - that isn't how it should be, feel excercised but not totaly fudgeed or you will dread it and won't maintain it. You just need to keep fit to be able to do the things you want to do - not to prove anything to anyone else.

    My opinion anyway from a beginner who played rugby up til 6 years ago, lost my way a bit, had a 2 years feeling crap past couple of years feeling life was just downhill from now and its also done a lot of good for mental health ie you just feel more purposeful.

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