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    Halo top ice cream, a bit pricey but I stock up when its on offer. Peanut butter and sea salt caramel my favourites. Approx 320 calories for the tub. Nice treat. (y)
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  2. In October 2017 I decided to get back into the gym to get back into shape. I was around 106 kg (16 stone, 9 pounds). Initially I wanted to drop some weight and started cardio, weights and boxing. Things were progressing OK and I was seeing small but steady drop in my weight. By June 2018 my weight was still hovering around the 100 kg mark...

    I decided then that I seriously wanted to shed some kilos and agreed a regime with one of the trainers at the gym, who came to be my 'mentor' for want of a better description.

    From June onwards the regime basically involved starting to keep a daily food diary, dietary improvements, daily weigh ins, and regular boxing, cardio and weights/strength and conditioning exercise. In total since I started training, I've dropped more than 24kg (3.5 stone, in the old money). Since things got properly serious, in June, I've lost about 19kg.

    I'm now just over 82 kg. People that haven't seen me in a while, can't believe the physical change in my appearance. I feel really great too. It's not just been about weight loss but a total lifestyle change.

    The key things for me have been:

    Keeping a food diary. Yes its a pain in the ballcocks, but I will guarantee that if you are honest with yourself, the sheer act of recording what you are eating, as or soon after you eat it, will eventually pay dividends. There will be false starts and missing days (weeks even for me!) too, but you need to persevere with it. Ideally someone else need to be monitoring it with you and helping you improve your diet.

    Weigh yourself every morning. First thing, do a pee and ya number two and get on those scales! Make sure they are digital to be accurate as possible. Record the weight in the food diary (I also use my Fitbit app for this)

    Cut out unnecessary carb's (pasta, rice, potatoes etc). Especially in the evening, it's hard, but eventually reduce them and pretty much cut them out in the evenings completely. Eat higher protein foods, more meat, fish and vegetables!

    No large meals / eating late in the evening. Even if you've had a very disciplined day, you will ruin all your efforts by either eating late (after 8pm) or eating a very big, heavy evening meal. If you want to have a larger meal do it during the day, when your body is burning it.

    Reduce your calorie intake. Gradual but vital. There is no easy way to say this, but you just need to reduce your calorie intake. If you are sedentary, then you wont be burning the cals, so less cals need to go in there. It's basic arithmetic. As a guide, for my level of activity I've found that under 2000 calories a day and I will drop weight. Between 2000 and 2500 seems to see me static and generally more than 2500 calories a day will up my weight.

    Good luck! You will get there!!!
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    impressive stuff(y)
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  4. Have gone down a hole on my belt :D
    Only 4 more holes to go now (y)
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    I dropped a kilo a week for first 3 now only lost 1in last 2 weeks:unsure:
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  6. What’s your daily calorie intake like?
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    Trying to keep under 2k
    I am swimming 3 mile a week and doing about 20k on excessive bike
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  8. That’s good (y) I found I needed to burn somewhere around 1000 cals a day more than I was taking in to actually drop. Also it’s not a straight line, some days more, some days less. Timing and spacing of food intake also has a lot to do with it. Get enough sleep too. Don’t eat late.

    You’ll get there. :)
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    Thinking about it I might be getting closer to 2.5k calories some days:facepalm:
  10. Relax. Don’t worry.

    Just be reasonably honest with yourself of what your eating. We all have good and bad days. It’s normal. No one is a saint.
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    Ive fallen off the wagon too! Went from my kg a week to static for 2 weeks. Exactly the same. Try to weigh myself Saturday morning as suggested above.

    Still eating better and feel better for it. Need to get on my wifes treadmill.
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    N. Devon
    Is that a euphemism?
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    Will she stand for that:playful:
  14. davidroberts30

    Lost another kilo now but the biggest thing I've noticed is I put a pair of jeans on today and needed a belt:censored:
  15. Well I haven't been very good recently not been eating as well or as little as before and not gone down any more holes in my belt. But I got covered in shite today so had to change at the farm before going home. All I had there was a pair of shearing trousers that were really tight and had a bit of an overhang when I last wore them back in the summer. Well they weren't tight at all today so I won't need to buy new ones :D:D:D:D
    Still some way to go though some of my other trousers are a bit snug but definitely progress made (y)
  16. I've set myself a target of May end bank holiday, as I have an event where I will be meeting lots of people.

    11st 9lbs this morning, another stone to go (y)

    More time now to do Parkruns (y)
  17. davidroberts30

    How are people getting on now??
    I've plateaued at 84/85kgs
    Not doing much cardio at the mo ,just lifting
    Currently deadlifting 120kgs for 10 and squatting 80 for 10 so am back to nearly where i was before I broke my leg 3.5 year ago
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    East Essex
    Is anyone still aiming for the Cereals target?
    I lost a load of weight last spring, and wasn't doing too bad holding it off, until Christmas. Then with doing 6+hours driving a day on top of work, eating in the car, and staying away quite a lot with the associated ad-lib fry-up breakfasts and big evening meals, I got on the scales last weekend and I'd crept up 3 stone (19kg) from this time last year.
    It might sound a bit bonkers, but my plan now is to lose that by the day after cereals. Mostly by running. Two 3 mile runs a day, and cutting out unnecessary food.
    Porridge for breakfast now, lots of fruit (mainly oranges) and a normal meal late afternoon.
    I'll let you know how I get on!
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    A friend was talking to a girl (very appealing to the eye ) that runs palate classes and she was saying doing them she would make him bendy and flexible again . All the time he was thinking if she is taking the class and other women there he would come out of the class just a little stiffer than when he went in .:D:D:).
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  20. A friend asked me if I'd lost weight last night. Ironically in the kebab shop :ROFLMAO:
    Asked me what my secret was :unsure: haven't done anything different but have almost finished lambing that probably had more to do with it that anything else :whistle::ROFLMAO:
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