Welcome to the AIC Feed Adviser Register and The Forage Analysis Assurance Group


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Welcome to the Feed Adviser Register and Forage Analysis Assurance Group


The Feed Adviser Register is a professional register for people who provide feeding advice on livestock farms. It aims to provide quality feeding advice whilst at the same time increasing production efficiency and reducing environmental emissions.

The register was set up by AIC and the feed sector in response to the Government’s commitment and industry and consumer demands to reduce ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from farmed livestock. Since its launch in 2013, over 1100 feed advisers from all over the UK have joined.

Forage Analysis Assurance Group - Forage from grass, whole crop or maize is one of the most economic feeds for ruminants, especially dairy cows. Knowing the nutritional properties of silage is key to formulating diets that optimise livestock production while minimising adverse impacts on the environment, e.g. reducing greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions.

FAA Group provides quality assurance across all its members’ laboratories to ensure consistent and reliable silages testing results by operating a proficiency test scheme.


Any questions or if you would like us to contact you, please send a post or email to Sue and Roberta:

Sue Whittington: 1589906600736.jpeg Roberta Reeve:
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sue.whittington@agindustries.org.uk roberta.reeve@agindustries.org.uk


Websites -
FAR https://www.feedadviserregister.org.uk/home/ FAA www.faagroup.co.uk

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Roberta @ AIC

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Welcome to the FAR and FAA Group stand at Virtual Grassland 2020.

We'll be posting regularly throughout the day with more information about Feed Adviser Register and Forage Analysis Assurance and are here to answer any questions you may have.
Enjoy the show!

Sue @ AIC

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FAR logo.jpgFinding a registered feed adviser in your area will soon become easier with the launch of the FAR 'Find a Feed Adviser' search tool within the FAR website next month
Farmers will be able to search for feed companies within their area employing registered advisers and helping them to locate professional advice and have easy online contact with their chosen adviser
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Sue @ AIC

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FAR recognises standards of professionalism within the livestock feed supply sector - which is good news for farming systems and the environment.
See what some of the registered advisers say:

FAR Adviser and calves.jpg

'FAR is something which I think will build a strong industry value, not just at business level but also at primary producer level. Competent advice, source assurance and business integrity is what will help drive our agri industry forward. FAR will benefit the entire industry by setting a benchmark standard for professional people of all ranges that can help support government targets on GHG emissions, the increased requirement for feed efficiency at farm level and improve agri-industry image from a public perspective. '

'I think FAR is helping to ensure that feed advice given to UK farmers is the of the best possible level, and is helping to ensure the profession is trusted and viable. '

'As such I have seen that membership of and training in the core competences for FAR have been of great benefit to the ruminant feed industry and to their clients. '

'FAR is a start towards giving our profession more credibility in the eyes of producers, giving them the ability to judge whether or not to accept the advice from someone.'

Roberta @ AIC

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Farmers using FAA member laboratories can have the utmost confidence in the precision and integrity of their silage analysis and can be reassured that the results they get back is as accurate as it can be, taking into account the current science available and all the factors that prevail.

Sue @ AIC

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We look forward to welcoming new feed advisers to apply to joing the Feed Adviser Register.
The comprehensive learning pathways all development members follow for ruminant or monogastric species are summarised below

If you have any questions about the Feed Adviser Register, the core competencies, training or the benefits of being a member of FAR please drop us an email at:


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