Welding Bench Height

Forever Fendt

Get a sheet of ply same size as bench and prop up and see whats comfortable for you when reaching towards middle, don’t go mad on height you can always tack something under legs to raise but not easily lowered

Matt L

I’m 6’2” and made mine a little taller than my wrist height. About halfway up my forearms when stood straight and arms by my side. Was uncomfortable for anyone else to use which was great because they didn’t cover my bench in all their crap. Has been the best ever welding bench I used made with a 3/4“ steel top!
As above use a sheet of ply and 4 legs to get the right height for you. If the legs are too short then put bits of 2x4 under until you are the right height.
then make out of good steel, you won’t regret it.

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Well we are have debates about the height of the workshop bench as I am 6’4” and Dad 6’ so I will have to lower it but easy to do as I have used pallet racking but have it set at 110cm which is brilliant for sharpening chainsaws in the vice but can’t do much as every where is closed now. so it is a Temporary bodge at the minute


I use an hydraulic (foot pumped) stacker truck to weld on, I can T.I.G. weld sitting down and position the height to suit what I'm welding. Can't hammer on it much though. Must be some inventive genius on here who can design a height adjustable welding bench.


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I would say it depends what you're welding. Anything big like a gate wants to be low ish, so you can bend over and reach the middle. If it's smaller and delicate you want it higher so you're not bending. If it's a lot of repetitive stuff I'd have it so I could sit at it.
If I could I'd build one with a scissor lift and a hand pump so it can be any height.


Main workshop bench is 90cm high and welding bench 95cm here. Father made them and he was 6’. I’m a bit taller but they are fine for me. They are both plenty tall enough if you are manually lifting something bulky and heavy. I now use the wheelbarrow with a plywood board on top for a lower mobile version.😁
950 mm is right for my 6' with mig but would be to high for stick welding but it doe's depend what you are welding.
Most of my welding is either at bench high't or 150mm above but to be honest turning things over and changing the high't of your welding dose held your back. I have a leg vice on my bench which is just below the high't of the bench top which I wouldn't be without.

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