Well it is rocket science!


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I agree with @davieh3350
Back in 1969, it was a huge thing to beat the Russians to the moon.
Whether they actually got there or just pretended to win the race is another matter altogether.
I agree with the reasoning why have we not been back.
Surely for the short time they were there ( allegedly ) they could not have learned all there was about the place



We can escape earths gravity and get back down without getting fried, so once up there when a good shove in the moons direction would get you there why have we not been back regularly. To say there is nothing of interest up there so why go back is a load of bullocks, we're going to the deepest depths of the oceans for a look... Because we are curious.
NASA where aware of the radiation, they plotted a course to avoid the worst regions.


Secondly the vessel was traveling at 15500 miles per hour, it took just over 52 minutes to travel through and the craft received 11.4 rads of radiation exposure.

300 rads per hour is a lethal dose, the 13 rads per hour the craft received was outside the vessel body, the occupants would have received less.
As soon as China announced they were going for a "look", America thought feck maybe we should go too... be pretty embarrassing for them when China can't find any lunar rovers or flags:watching::facepalm:
You don't need to go to the moon to prove what is there.

They brought back rock samples and left laser reflectors on the moon which were aimed at by scientists for years afterwards.

If the Russians believed the USA faked the moon landings, they would have had a spy satellite all over the moon taking photos to prove it because of the immense propaganda they could have got from it.

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