What’s New in TFF Version 2

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What’s New in TFF Version 2

We know everyone hates change, but the technology which the forum was built on needed updating as so many bits had stopped working with new website browsers. So we have upgraded The Farming Forum to version 2. It has been a long time in the planning so we can get as much right a possible, but there are sure to be things we have missed. There are still a few issues that we will be working through and could not be tested until live. So please bear with us on those smaller things.

Here is a list of the things that have changed:

Reactions not likes
You don’t have to just “like” a post, you can now like, love, laugh, wow, be sad and angry.


User Avatars now show in the forum view and on the homepage


Mobile View
We have worked hard on the mobile view to make it more friendly. All the buttons and navigation have been moved to a side “burger” and now the focus is much more on content. The entire style has been redesigned with a fresh new appearance, but also with mobile browsing at the forefront of the design. When the viewport shrinks, on-page content shrinks, shifts and reorganises itself automatically to optimise the browsing experience for small displays.


- Mobile Menu
- Create a new thread
- New Posts

When you select the menu you get:


Faster Thread Creation
You can now direct start a thread from the forum view and we have change the colour of the Post Thread button to make it more obvious. Its now green.
Quick Thread is a brand new system for TFF V2. Above the list of threads on a forum page you will find a title entry box. Focusing this box and starting to type a thread title will load a quick message editor, in which you can post the content for the first post of your new thread. Hitting the save button will then post the thread, leaving you on the TFF page rather than redirecting you to the thread page. This makes the process of creating a new simple thread extremely quick and easy.


New Posts from any Page
The new posts button or lightning strike now appears on every page of the forum, even on a mobile.


Watched Thread from any page


Sharing Pages to Whatsapp
You can now share threads directly to Whatsapp conversations and groups direct from The Farming Forum.


Resources Menu
There is a new menu for Resources, that includes useful infographics, link to get CPD points and where we can add other interesting resources. We will see this section grow over time.


Updated News Feed - News
We have updated the styling on the news feed to make it more engaging


Videos now have their own Feed – Farm TV
You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter videos now have their own feed and can be accessed by the TFF Farm TV button at the top.

Uploading Images
Bulk uploading of images now works again. You can add up to 10 images in 1 go. We are aware of an issue at the moment with adding bigger images on our new servers. We are working to fix this right now.

Embedding Media
You can now embed Facebook and Twitter posts and videos more easily using the embed media button.



Ignoring Content
It is now even easier to configure your view of The Farming Forum. You can ignore sections and even threads and then this content doesn’t show in your news feed.



Sticky Header
A sticky header automatically activates when the window is scrolled, allowing the most important navigation controls to remain available at all times.


Retina avatar and smilie support

Avatars and smilies now support high-DPI imagery, allowing for a crisp, high resolution display to match the text on displays that support 2x resolution graphics, such as Apple's retina displays.


The next upcoming events now appear in the sidebar.


Enhanced message editing

Rather than opening an overlay, editing messages is now done entirely in-place, with the content of messages replaced by a full-fledged message editor that allows the complete range of editing and posting actions, including attachment management.

Quote Me
Quote Me forum now has its own page. From here you can ask for quotes on a number of items and we will be looking to grow this section that members are finding useful. At the moment you can request quotes for the following:
  • Machinery Finance
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Crop Protection Products and Trace Elements
  • Fertiliser
  • Haulage
  • Coming Soon – Seed
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"Farm Compare" feature / button is still under development - you are welcome to submit data as other beta testers have been doing but please understand there wil be no direct feedback until development of the user interface is competed over coming months

Rebuilding the somewhat rocky foundation of TFF with this upgrade (to software and the way we are hosted) should also lead to significant improvements to site reliability and loading speed and make a lot of other enhancements and improvements that we have currently in development a lot easy for us to deploy

Exciting times for TFF - I hope you all like it !


I currently use the TFF app on an IPhone and IPad. Would I be better logging in through a browser for best results?

Chris F

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I currently use the TFF app on an IPhone and IPad. Would I be better logging in through a browser for best results?
We don't have control over the App - you won't see any changes using it - so yes, worth trying in your browser now as it is much better in this version.


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yes - we think we have found our first issue in that its currently not allowing multiple devices top be logged in at the same time

we are working on fixing that right now and should have it sorted ASAP
Same problem here , had to register a new account to contact TFF


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In the short term if you are logged in on a device DO NOT try and login on another or it may well log you out of both

Chris F

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We are aware of the login issue many users are having - we are working on this to clear to accounts that are being locked incorrectly.

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