What’s your reason for wanting brexit to happen?

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by rhifsaith, Jun 6, 2019.

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    to send the bulk of the livestock industry to the knackers yard?
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    The EU will impose a border for the reasons you mention above, the UK will also have to impose a border on their side for the exact same reasons
  3. I guess you might be correct.

    I suppose it could be a border where anyone importing/exporting across the border isn't actually checked at a hard border, but rather declares and reports what they are carrying via some sort of electronic submission.

    Anyone caught doing anything illegal liable to BIG fines and/or prison as a deterrent.
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    If there is no hard border there is nothing to stop me from driving across the border, buying what I want and driving back across the border again, repeat that for thousands of individuals and suddenly you have a massive problem. Businesses on both sides of the border will not be happy.

  5. You make it sound so simple yet plenty on here just don't seem able to grasp that(y)
  6. Regardless, the minute the vote was announced you guys backed yourselves into a corner, where the best option is to honour the vote, to dishonor the vote will save some immediate financial strain but youre pretty much rooted from that day on, you go from being a soverign nation to a controlled state, which also has financial implications long term.

    Why you want or do not want brexit to occur is irrelevant now, plain and simple.

    Honor the vote, short term pain.

    Dishonor the vote long term pain

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    East Yorkshire
    That’s a good post; you get a gold star.
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  8. Maybe that would mean that the EU would have to offer the UK a free trade deal (wheather they are currently saying this or not) - in order to prevent a hard border in Ireland.
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    Nobodies stopping them having a free trade deal, but that doesn't solve the border problem without a customs union or components of, depending what the FTD consisted of, if you get me.
  10. I think you're right. Remaining in both the SM and the CU would make for the easiest solution for the Irish border.

    As far as I can see, the whole Brexit solution probably pivots around what works for the Irish border. Would also probably keep most people (leavers and remainers) vaguely happy as a compromise to the whole situation. How about some controlled movement of people to also keep everyone happy.

    Personally I was a leave voter, but I also understand that nearly half the population didn't want to leave.
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