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What am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by fergie35, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. fergie35

    fergie35 Member

    I have had to put new spindle bushes in my MF65. However they are the unfinished type, as thats all you can get as far as i'm aware for a 65. However, I seam to be having to ream a lot of material out to fit the spindle (the spindle measures 31.6mm).

    I have an adjustable reamer with centre, however you can only cut out about 0.003" at a time, and I need to remove about 1/32" I would think. At this rate it will take ages to ream, I've been at it 2 hours and hardly got halfway to one bush being reamed correctly.

    What am I doing wrong? Are my bushes faulty? they are sparex ones i bought years ago.

    Anyone know of an easier solution for the 65?

  2. Tractortech

    Tractortech Member

    Now Then..
    I know it's of no help, but it is a horrible job and you're doing it exactly how I have done it. I've also tried a honing tool,,,, it's no faster though.
    The reamer leaves an undesirable finish I've found so usually hone when it's nearly right..
  3. MF-ANDY

    MF-ANDY Member

    s.e cambs
    Tedious job. Churchill made dedicated reamers for spindle and centre vertical shaft bushes with a tapered bush to go in the opposite end to keep the reamer square.
  4. Maico490

    Maico490 Member

    An unfortunate leftover from when fitters made things fit :)
    Fine when people only got paid just enough to stop them from starving
  5. mikep

    mikep Member

    Never use any abrasive in reducing a bush as the grit sticks in the metal and becomes a grinding paste. Cutting tools are the only way.
  6. fergie35

    fergie35 Member

    I've sorted it. I borrowed another reamer and that was sharp and it cut the material away in minutes.
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  7. tomlad

    tomlad Member

    nr. preston

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