What are my cows worth ?


How long is a piece of string?

I have been milking for 45 years + and never bought or sold a milking cow, they’ve all gone as barrens, but I’ve reached an age when it’s time to give up.

Easy option is an on farm dispersal sale so I know I am getting the true market value.

Arriving at a value for a possible private sale is another matter.

I’m told the market is ‘on fire ‘ at the minute, since the recent milk price increases.

Which are the main auctions for commercial dairy cows, to look at sale reports?

I’ve got 190 cross bred cows, Holstein x Swedish Red X Montbeliarde, calving Jan – August, on an all grass system with self feed silage and parlour concentrates, moderate yields, high health, low replacement rate, so plenty of older cows.

Seems a shame to pay an auctioneer his commission if I can avoid it, but perhaps they are worth it, as I said at the start not a world I have any experience in.
Market drayton are selling herds/cows week in week out so there report would be well worth reading. I would hazzard a guess your herd of allsorts would av £1000 /cow

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