What cover crop to grow after wheat to sp barley?

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  1. Thomas Simpson

    Looking to grow a cover crop after the wheat and put sp barley in, it will need to be EFA approved.We have winter beans and oilseed rape in the rotation, but I was recommended black oats and bingo vetch to use as it isnt supposed to intefere with the beans but pgro say its best not to. It will only be in the ground 4 and 1/2 months though.Any ideas would be very helpful thank you.
  2. Great In Grass

    Forage Rye with Vetch.
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  3. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    This. Good for max biomass growth for sowing after wheat. My concern would be providing another uncontrolled BYDV host & the residue is quite fibrous if you have a tine drill. You have a cereal and non cereal so will be EFA compliant.

    I'm using a phacelia/linseed/clover mix broadcast into the standing wheat later next week. Vetch likes to be drilled underground hence not putting it in this mix. IIRC Common Vetch is not susceptible to Ascochyta or stem nematode but PGRO are right to be wary.
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  4. Linseed and phacelia would make more sense as different species so no pest carry over?

    Wheat volunteers will make up the cereal bit if EFA people ask.
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  5. dinderleat

    dinderleat Member

    Its bloody dear though
    We’ve gone with oats and radish in the vain hope we may get some forage before October and then again in February
  6. Great In Grass

    Forage Rye wouldn't be a vain hope though.
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  7. buy some spring or winter oats at much lower seed cost
    then grow a few acres for next years seed

    seed at 400 to 1200 a tonne is not cost effective
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