What did you expect when you voted Leave?

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by Old McDonald, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Old McDonald

    Old McDonald Member

    Inland Portugal
    I know this is an almost impossible request, but I am making two threads to which I would like straightforward answers. One is for those who voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum and the other is for those who voted Remain. The assumption is you expected your vote to be on the winning side.

    Please only answer the question asked, and in the appropriate thread. If you did not vote in the referendum, please do not clog up the forum with a supposed “answer” to a question you cannot answer. Start another thread if you want to add some other comment. It is free of charge to do so.

    I voted Leave and expected Article 50 to be invoked soon after the result and the UK to leave the EU without any “deal” between the two. No payment to be made to the EU other than ongoing commitments. WTO rules would come into force unless an agreement was reached prior to the leave date.

    I will not be joining in any arguments put forward about my expectations being unrealistic, etc. All I want to know is what TFF members expected when they voted.
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  2. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    I expected exactly the same.

    We voted leave, it should have been quick and straightforwards, no deal. Tara!
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  3. Bootneck

    Bootneck Member

    East Sussex
  4. wanton dwarf

    wanton dwarf Member

    Pretty much the same @Old McDonald.

    Very disappointed and angry with the disrespect shown by various political parties, media and entities for democracy.
  5. Boohoo

    Boohoo Member

    I expected a clean break from the EU. I didn't expect any sort of deal but I did expect a transition period. I expected that we would continue to contribute to any projects that we were already committed to but not agree to any additional financial contributions.
    I had hoped that we would continue to work alongside our European neighbours on mutually beneficial projects, but this is looking increasingly unlikely.
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  6. caveman

    caveman Member

    East Sussex.
  7. Yacker

    Yacker Member

    Exactly what has happened.... not smart or clever just obvious
  8. Pretty much the same as @Boohoo and @Old McDonald.
    I did expect there would be "antics" by un-reconciled remainers.
  9. br jones

    br jones Member

    Should of made our own rules and left fully after 6 months would have concentrated the minds ,
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  10. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    This is confusing, did all leave voters expect that on B day all connections to Europe would be cut.
    Passports , full duties, quotas, full cutoms checks, etc be imposed from day 1?
    Did they not think that like all nations trading together, that mutual deals were not only important but essential?
    Did they think we should automatically immediately revert to that day in 1972 , before which the EU countries would regularly dump their bacon and butter on us in return for buying our morris minors?
    Of course we needs some sort of deal done before we cut all ties, whether it is just the placing of customs on each other territories, mutual agreement on aircraft landing rights etc. So many things have been mutually aligned and much of this thanks to UK pushing in Europe
  11. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    I expected the UK to leave the EU as that is what it said on the voting slip
    Anything other than that was not what I voted for
  12. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    I expecting the losing side to get behind whoever gained the most votes and not split the country
    I think Labour are in big trouble now as it was a vast number of their voters that wanted a hard Brexit . Corbyn has shot himself in both feet today
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  13. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    But Corbyn is a very strong supporter of Brexit and always has been . The vast bulk of His supporters and certainly not in Islington have no desire for Brexit at all. At the last election TM would have been hammered if Labour had a leader who was pro remain and she certainly would not have gone to the country.
    The only area where labour voters are Brexiteers is in the coastal marginals , which are critical to their very shaky position
  14. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    Tonight poll 57% labour voters want remain 79% members want remain and we think the tories are in a muddle
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  15. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    I thought that of the 2017 Labour MPs constituencies about 160 Leave and about 100 Remain.
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  16. Devil_0101

    Devil_0101 Member

    I would like to add another question, your economy under the UE was doing quite well, apparently the 2nd GDP after germany. If your economy was doing well why did you vote to leave? Regards.
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  17. digger64

    digger64 Member

    Same and a fresh start , I think most leave voters voted for change rightly or wrongly
  18. Ley253

    Ley253 Member

    To LEAVE!
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  19. Farm buy

    Farm buy Member

    It he who is on the ropes now.
  20. Jackov Altraids

    I just wanted our membership cancelled. I was always quite relaxed about the details but always considered it would be a process of a hard break with a gradual move back to something similar to the current relationship or a soft break where the EU would gradually move away from us.
    As long as we were an independent nation with the power to act unilaterally, I would be content.
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