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For me it has to be free to attend local machinery shows such as yams. I do go to the Yorkshire show but only because my grandparents were members and my parents like to go still so we share the tickets. I wouldn’t want to pay cash out of my pocket to gain entry.

Wolds Beef

@Clive I did not know where to put this!! PM me if you wish. But speaking to several people in Lincolnshire. They would love to have a look at Groundswell but are committed to either stewarding or working at our County Show which is always on the same two days. Now Lincolnshire is a big County with a lot of 'Young Guns' who would love to learn about new ways. Could the dates be reconsidered? Maybe you could make the powers that be aware.

CHAP Webinar - Innovative tools to overcome the challenges of Regen Ag

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Applying principles of regen ag can incur a range of on-farm challenges. Learn how innovative tools & machinery can help with these hurdles.

This event will be held online from 1pm to 2pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021 so please block it out in your diary.

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