What Fertilizer spreader ?


Looking at upgrading our Amazone ZA-M.
All makes being looked at, it needs to hold 3/4 bags, be easy to set up and use, be reliable and not stripe the wheat !!
What should I buy, and what’s everyone’s experience of the following.
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I went from a zam to a Kuhn 40.2 for last spring and wished I’d done it years ago it’s got a weigh cell so easy to calibrate well does itself really and doesn’t stripe I never did get the Amazone right even after having Scs to tray test it
My old Amazon was a piece of shite compared to my Kuhn

It’s a basic 3 1/2 bag MDS 18m model and the Spread set phone app is very accurate just put your speed and rate in and it tells you how to set it


We are on our 2nd Kuhn after moving from Amazones. The Kuhn is much better. No striping, less light patches at the ends and very user friendly. We have a 40.2 pto driven spreader and I highly recommend.


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We have been using a KV exsacta TL for a long time. It’s been a good spreader in general but is a sod for stripes. You really need to check your spread pattern regularly.
i have enquired about the new Kuhn aero but haven’t heard anything.


Have been to the lamma show, The KV sounded a good idea, with minimal drop height, and more vanes to spread. Sulky any good ?


They can all stripe!!

I've ran lely then kuhn and now kv .

If you're on steep ground avoid kuhn amazone not sure about sulky as none in the area.

I'm on my third kv now and really like it but it can still stripe but definitely doesn't do it on the steep stuff like the Kuhn did before it . I set it as the app for CF multi cut sulphur this year out of pure laziness I didn't bother tray testing it and I've striped everything not heavy stripping but it's annoying

Andrew K

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I would avoid anything complex, or with silly small difficult to see readout if you are getting on a bit like me.
The best spreader i ever had was a Bredal B2, simple,accurate,reliable = Bliss.

Second best was an Amazone ZAM.

Michael S

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Bredal good mechanical spreader and accurate in rate and spread when correctly set but hard on fertiliser - looks like a lime spreader when putting granular urea to 24m. We have an Accord, now KV with weigh cells that is I think 14 years old. If set right and properly tested granular urea to 32m no problem and the weighing system is the best on the market.


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I have a valmar. All stainless steel. Pto driven fan and stainless 18m booms. Will spread in any weather without fail. Any blend or cheap dusty crap makes no difference. Fill, calibrate with a crank weigh and go. Holds 8 tons of urea.also has a smaller front hopper for small seeds or granular chemical. If it doesn’t dry up soon most of my canola could go thru this spreader.


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KRM here weigh cells and isobus, simple and works well, it’s 8 years old now. Would happily have another but will go with hydraulic drive next time.

Very intrigued with Kv will probably look at one to see what the fuss is about



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We had an Amazon ZAU for 20 years. Could put almost anything in it and never striped. Couldn’t get bigger discs for it when we changed tramline widths so bought a ZAM. Nightmare for striping even when try tested by SCS. Sold after 3 years. Have Kuhn now which is a good machine but as others have said can stripe a bit on banks

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