what grinds your gears

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  1. What grinds your gears ,blow your top,makes your blood boil,fly off the handle,blow a fuse etc.
    a favorite one of mine is when delivering to a new farm with a artic i will all ways ring ahead to see that the access is OK and that i can turn round and nearly all ways the reply comes yes mate had a artic in here last week,so you know when you get to the farm entrance and your greeted by said farmer and his teleporter and chain that things are not as they should be.Oh you wont be able to get through entrance without my assistance pulling trailer round as you turn!now 99 times out of 100 the farmers spot on with what he tells you but the 1% who stretch the truth or do not realize that artics have grown in the last 30 years just like their kit they use,and when it goes tits up they nearly all ways say the chap that was here last week managed to turn round OK ,yes my fault again!:mad:
  2. Mydexta

    Mydexta Member

    Guess what happened to you today then!!!!!
  3. hi not today but last week still have not calmed down:D
  4. Big_Alan

    Big_Alan Member

    South Lanarkshire
    More than likely a steering axle tipper or similar trailer.

    Main thing that get's my goat is people not putting tools back after using them or breaking mirrors or such like and not owning up about them.
  5. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    Think everyone knows what gets on my nerves......pity the residents of fife who have to suffer at the hands of the village idiot :rolleyes:
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  6. Jon Feetham

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    Long Sutton
    The Wife always does a good job of it, knows just what button to push
    People who take without asking
    people who borrow but don't return
    people who ask me how to do a job, then tell me how to do it
    did i mention the wife
  7. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    people who buy stuff off ebay, you send them an invoice, never hear from them, send them messages, nothing. Relist it, then they give you negative feedback.
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  8. and son who thinks he knows everything but carn't evan wipe his own a**e yet:mad:
  9. Rob Holmes

    Rob Holmes Moderator

    Drivers who have the air-con on full blast and still have windows open!
  10. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    reminds me of a large potato growing outfit near ely who had a fleet of hired mcormics a few years back, all driven by easter europeans cating tates, ever single one of them sat it the cab with a high vis jacket on and the back window open, even in the rain. Know im old school at like to have back window open when im ploughing, but even i shut it when its raining!
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  11. Thick Farmer

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    West Wales
    Bad payers

    Employment law

    People who think they are better off not working

    Drivers that don't indicate on roundabouts

    TB testing

    Farm assurance

    Cold callers

    No win no fee solicitors

    Where there's blame there's a claim culture


    Spam emails

  12. do you have any time left to farm;)
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  13. Thick Farmer

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    West Wales
    Haha. Yes, it's one of the few things that doesn't grind my gears!
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  14. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    Grumpy forum posters
  15. caveman

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    East Sussex.
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  16. cat312

    cat312 Member

    ppi phone calls at tea time, now i bait them, one gentleman call me a f%$&ing mother f£$%er last week after i had him on the line for over 20 mins
  17. any one in mind ?
  18. ed g

    ed g Member

    Agree with the phone calls during the evening. I now get one of my sons to answer the phone. He was talking for ten minutes to one bloke last week before telling him that he didn't want a pension as he's only twelve.
  19. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    If the cap fits, no I don't mean Grumpy, I love him
  20. i don't wear one

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