What should I be charging per hour for tractor and man

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by RalphH, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. RalphH

    RalphH New Member

    What should I be charging per hour for a 234 valtra and man (230 horsepower) with my own fuel, to pull someone's 18 ton silage trailer on grass.
  2. Werzle

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  3. jondear

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    That's cheap!
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  4. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Here it would be £60-70/hr, or $120-150 "going rate",.proabably bit less for a neighbour/mate

    You have to factor in everything from tyre wear and servicing costs to the contents of your bait bag and a decent hourly rate, really.
  5. KB6930

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    Round here 150 to 200 hp tractor on the farm you're working for's fuel you'll get £25 an hour but there's plenty will work for less
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  6. geoff570

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    £32-35 per hour depending on distance of haul
  7. Bullring

    Bullring Member

    What you should be charging and what you can get are totally different, should be £45 per hour but in the real world it's more likely £30-35.
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  8. james ds

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  9. james ds

    james ds Member

    Under £50 /hr for a tractor of that value is losing money . The choice is yours.
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  10. Find another job for the machine might be a better answer.

    £30 an hour, so £15 for man and £15 for machine?

    Does that work properly with your own sums or not?

    Let someone else run the nuts off their own tractor and wear their own brakes and tyres out I should.
  11. stevedave

    stevedave Member

    Where are you based as that will have a lot to do with the rate you will get.
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  12. You can go and get paid £15/hour to drive someone else's tractor all day and you will be better off...
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  13. davidroberts30

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  14. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Over kill that size tractor ant'it?
  15. masseybreaker

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    nearly are you bringing the popcorn or me ?
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  16. Mouser

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    near Belfast
    They must be very thirsty or suffer astronomical depreciation if that's the case.
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  17. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Id want at least £40 but no one will pay.will be plenty doing it for a lot less and loosing money.only need a puncture to start costing even more.
  18. Hedge back

    Hedge back New Member

    At least £40 hour the fuel alone will be £12 hr
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  19. A buddy of mine was charging £27/hr for a tractor of nearly half the power as the one in the OP with him driving it and that was in 2008!
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