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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bluebell, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Well i, like the vast majority of my generation was bought up to know right from wrong, we were taught it from our parents from dare im say sunday school and from the schools and maybe the scouts, yes we got up to mischeif and did alot of bad things? not so bad from todays perspective? we when about seven or eight made camps in standing wheat, rolled it down and i remember the farm worker and old boy called arthur who was seen evey day riding his bicycle wearing the same outfit giving us a good telling off, now some forty plus years later our village policeman geoff who first rode a noddy motorcycle then a white mini van, long gone, even the local small town police station has closed down, being sold off? while all this has happened bad seems to be trumphing ? do what you like if you are lucky and have a bit of money turn your property into fort knox? if your village has become over the 40 plus years prosperous, like many around here in the southeast pay a private security firm to dare i say police the village, on a wider level knife crime some kid being stabbed to death just in london dayly something that nether or evey rarely happened not so many years ago, what can be done? wheres it all gone wrong? can we please go back to the good old days please?
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    I’m on the side of paragraphs
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  3. Nah - let it all out in one long rant! That’s the spirit!

  4. bluebell

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    its probably a sign of getting old to talk fondly of the recent past, but i think its wrong to except todays degeneration of life without saying something??
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  5. puppet

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    sw scotland
    Capitals for me.
  6. capfits

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    If in bed the left. You?
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  7. mixed breed

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    My daughter lives with her mother half the week in the nearby town. It's seems not a week goes by without an attack, robbery or stabbing usually reported as drug related.

    Our village has a few rum uns, always has had. Rural policing is now little or non existant, but I still know where I'd prefer my daughter to be growing up.
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    Is there any need to knock anyone for how they write I’m sure it probably stops a lot from commenting
    I know I don’t get all the full stops/capitals/paragraphs in the right place
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    Yes, I can see your a couple of full stops and a comma missing their.:rolleyes:

    But yes I agree with your point and that of the OP, it’s a shame it hasn’t had too many serious reply’s up to now.
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  10. puppet

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    sw scotland
    Sorry to be a bit flippant but I generally agree. As a society we complain more than ever and expect instant success for little work encouraged by talentless people on reality shows. People complain about not getting the job they deserve but ignore the fact they have not worked for any qualifications.
    You may have seen this week the article about the 7 rules for a stable society which have applied for 1000 years.

    Defer to superiors- be loyal and obedient,
    help your family - loving, protective and pass on goods,
    help your group - promote unity,
    respect for others property - no stealing,
    return favours - repay your debts,
    be brave - put yourself at risk for others,
    divide resources - share the spoils.

    Keep on posting
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    north yorks
    problem is partly if the scruffy old sod on his bike tells some kids of hed be up before the courts as a kiddy fiddler reported by the kids parent
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  12. Tarw Coch

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    Yep, certainty not saying I never did anything naughty as a child but getting caught and told off by an adult was something to be ashamed of and something I certainly wouldn’t have told my parents or I’d have got another telling off, the biggest worry then was that said adult would tell your parents.

    Kids used to respect their elders, I’d never have addressed my parents by their Christian names, allways mum or dad, likewise any other adult was allways addressed as Mr or Mrs whatever, not by their Christian names.
    I remember when picking up a mate as a teenager and addressing his father as Mr he said no need for that formality, just call me Sid, I still address him as Mr as I do just about anyone else older than me more than 30 years later.
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  13. Exactly the same here too. Pretty much everybody calls me Mr , nowadays. Not sure how that happened:scratchhead:
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  14. Tarw Coch

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    More frightening, that old man who told me, don’t call me Mr all those years ago would have been about my age now.:eek:
  15. primmiemoo

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    It's tempting to blame the parents in some instances (grandparents in some as well) for outsourcing the upbringing of their offspring to the State. To blame cutpacks, austerity, the system (whatever that is), and all sorts of other scapegoats for declines, but things are never that clearcut in RL.

    We seem to have lost social cohesion, which was already dwindling when I was a child in the 1970s. There are even more disperate groupings around now than there were then, and, no idea how, but people have become coarser in their ways (present company excepted until shown to be otherwise ;) )

    However, I think the majority of young people are fine upstanding citizens and subjects. They might not show automatic deference to all - it's a healthy attitude in many respects, and likely to protect from the actions of criminal perverts - and they might call adults by first name - some have parents who are every slack about calling a person by any name, preferring "mate" or "babe" and showing their own ignorance as a role model for their children. I also know people who are years older than me who have always called their parents by first name - but that doesn't automatically mean they have no respect for others.

    We're bombarded with media-filtered extremes when it comes to violent and perverted cultures, many of which are multi generational. That's not to diminish their existence - what is there is most definitely there, and deserves the resources needed to curb and eradicate them - but, difficult though it might be, we mustn't let the actions of the worst cloud our opinions of the majority.
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  16. David.

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    J11 M40
    I agree about respect, everyone deserves to be treated respectfully, but unconditional deference to your superiors; really? what, because they have an inflated sense of entitlement on account of where their family could afford to send them to school...
  17. Violence, racism, disrespect, crime: you name it, it is only made possible really when a society allows them to happen and people turn the other cheek. The UK is paralysed either by apathy or liberal virtues that have infected every sector of government and society.

    My father would readily tell you about how, in his day, the police would regularly beat up anyone who played up during a night on the town. None of this human rights carp; they would deck you good and proper if you didn't behave in public. Only the most serious offences deemed you worthy of a jail cell overnight. Cheap justice and it kept people on the level. You cannot possibly hope to manage crime if a jail sentence costs thousands.

    The country has lost its way.
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  18. Goweresque

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    North Wilts
    Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are fine, lack of paragraphs makes posts unreadable when they are just a massive slab of text.
  19. I would not worry about it, as in 30 years time it will be all sorted out, all the kids will only get 1 chance and live in fear of the greater powers that be and up hold the law,
    Anyone misbehaving, will simply be taken out in to the street and beheaded,

    You may think I joke, but it is a strong possibility
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  20. Smith and Wesson or kalesnikoff

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