What straw bedderHi to buy?

Nae bother

Don't have one at the moment looked at several videos on line of them,got some older steadings,and bunkers across doors so a throwing one is what it needs to be,got a 634 manitou so better with one on the front or a towing one on the back of tractor?and which make is best?probably be a good second hand one I'd be looking for in case I't doesn't suit.
Never used one on the front but they look awfully cumbersome things, with a bale being 8 foot, they must stick out 10/12 feet in front.
I see some of the front mounted can be hitched from the side which might be better, the straw will be coming it sideways to the direction of travel which I would think would be far more user friendly/practical than out the front but width could be an issue.

I have a trailer machine, demoed a mounted one many years ago and found it awkward around the yards, it stuck out a fair way, a bit like trying to negotiate your way around the yard with a plough on the back, a lot of tail swing and also need a reasonably heavy tractor on the front.

So trailed it is for me, my first was a KV, and I’m now on a Teagle.
Teagle, Mchale and Lucas seem popular according to similar threads on here although personally I don’t rate the build quality of my Teagle, I wouldn’t buy another, my old KV was far better built and lasted 15 years, main reason I changed was the KV was a side arm discharge which had two disadvantages, the chute sticking out the side had caught a shed post on several occasions, blame the driver if you like but a top swivel chute avoids that problem, also the chute was relatively narrow and would block too easily on less than ideal straw, the swivel chutes have a much larger opening.

So my opinion would be go for a trailed machine with top swivel chute, I’m not going to recommend a Teagle and the only other machine I’ve owned, a KV was of the wrong design ideally and would be over 20 years old now so I don’t know how their newer machines compare


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Teagle or RSagri, we bang on expecting everyone to buy British yet don’t ever take that into account when buying machinery.
Made in Britain 👍👍
Screenshot_20211013-182341_Samsung Internet.jpg

We have a Mchale blower and an Altec spreader prefer the latter but need must with shed with the mchale


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I went for Teagle after had KV for years.
New KV was just a bit tight to get hesston's into - very little wriggle room and was a bit tight to cut and pull strings off.
1 year in and I am not disappointed - not choked it once, and no issues with range.


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If you have a Lucas,remove the four bolts which hold the bed chain motor and then clean the shaft into the motor.

Then give it a liberal slap of grease and replace.

Not a big job.

Disappointed with ours as it had to have a new motor at £800 after 5 years due to corrosion working past the oil seals and pitting the shaft. :(


i hate beding machines, fill shed roofs with dust , drinkers with straw, beds the yard down when windy, have to get the job done before mrs thorpe puts the washing out, but use half the straw, jobs done in minutes , safer i personaly couldnt bed down the old way and the lads have enough to do. our teagle , ex cow mans looked rough when we bought it ,never had a night under cover. but cleaed up well serviced and kept undercover itll last years. many thanks to our favoured dealer who said just fetch it and try it. we only paid £1500 for it it saved that in its first season!

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