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It was the dry clutch that was the issue with them. Borg and Beck has serious issues at the time with many other tractor manufacturers. The Organic clutch plate they were producing was delaminating in service leading to a dragging clutch which then was putting extra strain on the forward reverse synchro. If you swaped the clutch disc for a paddle cerametalic type they they would then squeek when setting off and eat the flywheels for fun!

Whatever compound was used in the clutch plates must of been banned or similar at that time as the older clutches were no bother. We were splitting every new tractor sold in less than 50hrs for over twelve months and swapping clutches right left and centre! It was the end of dry clutches in tractors!!

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Machinery destroyed in latest of 4 farm arson attacks

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Written by Agriland Team

Machinery was destroyed – along with a shed and a number of bales – in an overnight farm fire in Co. Down over the weekend – which is the latest in a series of shed fires believed to be started deliberately.

In a statement on social media, local members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) confirmed the news of the incident, which took place near Banbridge...