What types of farming around Cambridge?


I'm an engineer working in Agri Tech but I don't have much real life farm experience.

I will probably be moving to Cambridge next year, I was wondering what is the most common type of farming in that area?
North east of Cambridge is the Fens, with a lot of veg crops (lettuce and celery as already mentioned) with cereals, sugar beet and maize for AD.
The rest, mainly combinable crops and sugar beet.
Not too far east of the Fens is the sandy Brecklands with root veg crops, AD Maize, cereals, sugar beet and outdoor pigs.


Bury St Edmunds
Cambridge is on the conjunction of a very wide range of soils and cropping.
As others have said North and East are the fens with there peat soils.
West you go into Bedfordshire with a range of acid sands and some very heavy soils only really suited to making bricks but some foolhardy people grow some very big crops of wheat, this extends west and North of Cambridge to Peterborough.
South of Cambridge is some very good soil after you pass the limestone ridge.
East of Cambridge you reach God’s country where they can grow near anything on the Brecks provided, as an old friend said, it has rain every day and a shower of s***e on a Sunday. It is called Gods Country, as those who live there know they are blessed 😂
In Cambridge itself , you will find cattle grazing but sadly I think you will really struggle to find any dairying. Hopefully some will correct me.
One thing for certain, the east is a great area to have a bike and go round checking the farmers over the no longer existent hedge


Thanks for all the replies guys, hopefully I can get out and see the lettuce/beet/celery crops as I haven't seen what they are like yet. Not sure about the cattle farms... Do they use any machinery?

Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

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Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

Written by Lisa Applin


In July, we opened the applications window for farmers to join our Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot.

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is 1 of the 3 new environmental land management schemes. It sits alongside the future Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery schemes.

Through the Sustainable Farming Incentive, farmers will be paid for environmentally sustainable actions – ones that are simple to do and do not require previous agri-environment scheme experience.

We are piloting the scheme to...